MicroPort® Orthopedics Attends COA 2019

Shanghai, China – Suzhou MicroPort Orthopedics Scientific (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® Orthopedics") recently attended the 14th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA 2019), which was held by Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Orthopaedic Association at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As the biggest international scientific event in the Chinese or even the world's orthopedics community, the COA 2019, which covered the various fields including clinical orthopedics, rehabilitation, nursing and basics, displayed the latest research results, latest techniques and clinical progresses that had been achieved in the orthopedic field. MicroPort® Orthopedics exhibited the innovative devices in the various disciplines of joint, spine, trauma, orthopedic instruments and rehabilitation to demonstrate its multi-dimensional and integrated therapeutic solitons to orthopedic diseases.

During the knee session of the COA 2019, Dr. Geoffrey Dervin, who is Chief, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at Ottawa Hospital and international affiliate member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons gave a speech titled “Game Changer: the Medial-Pivot Knee”. Dr. Dervin, who owns nearly 10 years of clinical experience of applying MicroPort® Orthopedics’ Medial-Pivot Total Knee Replacement System (“Medial-Pivot Knee”), presented vividly the kinematics of normal knee and the unique design rationale of Medial-Pivot Knee to the attendees with imaging analysis. In addition, he confirmed the outstanding performance of Medial-Pivot Knee with a huge amount of literatures and researches.

During the CAO 2019, MicroPort® Orthopedics hosted a series of scientific activities that attracted the proactive participation of nearly 100 orthopedic healthcare professionals from across China. Dr. Dervin gave a speech titled “Functional Comparison Between Implant Designs” to share the latest research results of his team during a scientific dinner. The research looked into the differences between the gaits of the patients who had undergone total knee arthroplasties with different implants and the normal gaits. The results showed that compared to conventional knee implants, the Medial-Pivot Knee enabled the patients to have the post-operative gaits that were closer to normal gaits. The findings also indicated with another perspective that the Medial-Pivot Knee can better reconstruct the knee’s kinematics to bring more benefits for the recovery of patients’ functions of activities. Meanwhile, Dr. Dervin said the Medial-Pivot Knee procedure showed no major difference in steps from conventional knee procedure, with more tolerance for surgical techniques. He also emphasized that the Medial-Pivot Knee not only has extreme clinical significance for the patients who are young or have more needs for functions of activities, but it is also a good choice for the elder patients with weak knee functions due to the stability resulting from its design of implant.

In the symposium of the hip session, Director Weiping Ji from Lishui City People’s Hospital spoke of “Discussion of Key Techniques in SuperPATH® Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroplasty” to introduce the key steps and key points of handlings in MicroPort® Orthopedics’ Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip Arthroplasty (“SuperPath®”). He said that a big amount of clinical cases proved that given a mastery of the SuperPATH® technique, SuperPATH® takes almost the same time, as ordinary approaches do, or even less. Meanwhile, it can benefit patients in the true sense of the word as a genuine procedure with minimally invasive intermuscular space approach. Director Yaozeng Xu and his team from the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University presented a speech titled “Comparison of early clinical efficacy of minimally invasive SuperPATH® approach and posterolateral approach for unilateral THA under the guidance of accelerated rehabilitation”. The results of the comparison showed that SuperPATH® has advantages with regards to intraoperative hemorrhage, postoperative early standing, pain scores and poste-operative complications. The results proved with different perspectives that the SuperPATH® approach is a minimally invasive hip arthroplasty that is more in line with the expedited recovery rationale.

In the ratings for excellent papers of young and middle-aged clinicians, a paper titled “The Feasibility and Review of Early-stage Effects of the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures in the Elderly with SuperPATH® Minimally Invasive Approach’s Primary Femoral Head Replacement”, which was authored by Dr. Chengdong Zhu from Yizheng City People’s Hospital, stood out from more than 25,000 papers to win the first prize for excellent papers of young and middle-aged clinicians. The rating panel agreed that as an innovative technique of minimally invasive hip procedure, SuperPATH® is acquiring the acknowledgement and acquaintance with Chinese orthopedic doctors. Furthermore, it is such innovative technologies and innovation-focused thought that are needed to achieve continuous advancement.

During the congress, MicroPort® Orthopedics also displayed the first Medial-Stabilized Total Knee Replacement System that was approved in China with independent intellectual property - Aspiration™ and SoSuperior™ Medial-Stabilized Total Knee Replacement implants, as well as series of innovative devices in the spine and trauma segments, including ARBORES® Vertebroplasty Dilation Balloon Catheter, Piscis®-II Cage, Spinal multifunctional fixation system, New intramedullary nails suitable for human bones - Trailwalker™ PFNA, Tibial interlocking intramedullary nail system, Femoral interlocking intramedullary nail system. All the devices attracted groups of healthcare professionals to have visits and exchanges. They also visited the classroom for surgical instrument demonstrations in the Renshou Hall Education and Training Center, which MicroPort® Orthopedics inaugurated in 2019, and gained deep insights into the new knee instruments self-developed by MicroPort® Orthopedics. The instrument set has undergone technological innovation and design improvements on the basis of Chinese doctors’ clinical experience to become more in line with their surgical routines. In addition, the instrument set provides more options for position angles to increase the smoothness and flexibility of the procedure, shorten operation time, and reduce the rate of postoperative complications, which reflects the international standard of the concept of Made in China with “Intelligence”.

The year of 2019 marks the ten-year milestone for MicroPort® Orthopedics. After developing for ten years, MicroPort® Orthopedics have grown to one of the world’s top ranking general orthopedics group company with business across five continents and sales in dozens of countries and regions. In the future, MicroPort® Orthopedics will adhere to the brand concept of MicroPort® - the patients always come first, and be committed to the development and promotion of new orthopedic technologies, rationales and products. MicroPort® Orthopedics will also join hands with global doctors and innovate continuously to provide the patients with high quality and accessible integrated therapeutic solutions to orthopedics diseases.