MicroPort® Orthopedics Attends 2018 Qinling Joint Surgery Master Forum

Xi'an, China - Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort® Orthopedics”) attended 2018 Qinling Joint Surgery Master Forum to display its hip and knee products through product samples, animation, surgical videos, and instrument demonstration. The forum gathered more than 1,000 domestic and overseas orthopedic experts to exchange ideas on the treatment and surgical technique of joint diseases as well as hot issues related with complex replacement surgeries.
During the meeting, MicroPort® Orthopedics hosted a satellite meeting in which Professor Jia Zheng of Henan Province People Hospital was invited to introduce SuperPath® surgical technique to the attendees based on the study of knee biomechanics and its clinical experience. In a natural knee, the medial compartment is much more stable than the lateral compartment during the normal knee flexion. The main factor for knee stability is the high geometrical conformity of the tibiofemoral joint. The lateral compartment provides "rollback" during the movement because of high compliance. Medial pivot knee is designed based on such theories. Professor Zheng pointed out, the distal portion of femur of Asian people is narrower than that of Western people due to the difference of skeletal structure. The medial pivot Stature® Femur is designed to fit in the anatomical features of Asian people. He said, the medial pivot knee can help resume the biomechanics of a natural knee to ensure the femur rotation during the flexion, which results in improved patient satisfaction after surgery.
MicroPort® Orthopedics Medial Pivot knee was launched in the US in 1998 with around 20 years' clinical history. Up to date, nearly 550,000 Medial Pivot knees have been implanted globally. Several long-term studies have proved the advantages of medial pivot knee in total knee arthroplasty ("TKA"). The Knee has published a study evaluating long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of the Medial-Pivot Knee System. The results demonstrate excellent clinical outcomes for both satisfaction (95%) and survivorship (98.8%) at 17 years with patients noting a great sense of stability and comfort during regular activities. The Journal of Arthroplasty has published a retrospective, comparative study that evaluated patient satisfaction after TKA using the MicroPort® Orthopedics' Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System and a posterior-stabilized ("PS") knee system. The study showed that patients who underwent the MP-TKA scored significantly better on the Forgotten Joint Score ("FJS") than those who underwent the PS-TKA, particularly with regard to deep knee flexion and stability of the prosthesis. With the aims to increase patient satisfaction, the medial pivot knee will serve more domestic and overseas patients. MicroPort® Orthopedics will continue to work with surgeons to provide better orthopedic solutions to patients, in accordance with our branding ideology "The Patient Always Comes First."