MicroPort® Orthopedics Attends the First Edition of the Northeast Region Joint Surgery Summit Forum

Shenyang, China – From 8 June to 9 June, the first edition of the Northeast Region Joint Surgery Summit Forum was held at the Liaoning Province People's Hospital. The forum was jointly held by China Health Promotion Foundation and Orthopedics Online, with Liaoning Province People's Hospital being the organizer and many domestic and foreign well-known experts in the field of joint surgery being present. The forum also built the domestic and foreign orthopedic experts a platform for academic exchanges by means of Master Rostrum, operation live-streaming and sharing typical cases. Shanghai MicroPort® Orthopedics Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® Orthopedics") attended and presented the Medial-Pivot Knee System, attracting the attentions of many well-known experts in the field.
The forum opened as Professor Bai Xizhuang, who is chairman of the forum and head of the Liaoning Province People's Hospital, called for the efforts of the experts to realize a healthy China and revitalize the development of the northeast Region's orthopedics. As a cooperating corporation with the Liaoning Province People's Hospital for the MicroPort® Joint Replacement Training Center, which is one of the hospital's major medical projects, MicroPort® Orthopedics held a project-unveiling ceremony, which were attended by MicroPort® Scientific Corporation Chief Operation Officer Wang Gude and President of MicroPort® Orthopedics China Weng Zixin. The MicroPort® Joint Replacement Training Center is aimed to train surgeons in the areas such as the skills of joint replacement surgery, speed up the promotion of the concept of Rapid Recovery and benefit more patients by the means of combination of medicine and engineering.
During the Master Rostrum session, Professor Qu Tiebing, who is a standing member of the Chinese Orthopedic Association, deputy head of the Joint Surgery Group of the association and from the Beijing Boai Hospital, delivered a speech on Medial-Pivot Concept and Patients' Satisfaction. Starting from the the Medial-Pivot Concept and combining it with a patient satisfaction survey, Professor Qu Tiebing went to the details of the important meaning of MicroPort® Orthopedics' Medial-Pivot Knee design with regard to the restoration of a normal knee structure. Professor Bai Xizhuang, the chairman of the forum, also delivered a speech together with Mr. Wang Huisheng from Liaoning Province People's Hospital on Clinical Application of Medial-Pivot Knees. Professor Bai Xizhuang and Mr. Wang Huisheng highlighted the highly bionic design of the Medial-Pivot knees and its outstanding performance in the respects of raising prosthesis survivorship and increasing the abrasion resistance of the prosthesis, which caused discussion among the audience. During the surgery live-streaming session, Professor Bai Xizhuang himself demonstrated a total knee replacement operation using MicroPort® Orthopedics EVOLUTION® Medial-Pivot Knee System. He also gave a detailed explanation of the process of the operation, furthering the knowledge of the doctors about Medial-Pivot knee products and the surgery skills. The forum was also live-streamed on Orthopedics Online, attracting nearly 10,000 viewers and creating learning and exchange opportunity for more grassroots doctors.
MicroPort® Orthopedics Medial-Pivot Knee was launched in the US in 1998 with 20 years' clinical history and over 600,000 implantations globally. Several over-15-year long-term clinical follow-up studies and the experiences of the surgeons and patients have already endorsed the importance of the application of media-pivot knees concerning the development of the technology of total knee arthroplasty. A 17-year clinical follow-up study on Medial-Pivot knee products demonstrated extremely high rates for survivorship (98.8%) and patient satisfaction (95%). The presence of MicroPort® Orthopedics and Medial-Pivot Knee products at the first edition of the Northeast Region Joint Surgery Summit Forum is of great importance for MicroPort® Orthopedics's future marketing and promotions in the Northeast region. MicroPort® Orthopedics will also step up the communication and cooperation with surgeons and listen to their clinical demands and suggestions on such specialized academic exchange platforms, before it continues to improve and optimize the product performance that will benefit the patients.