MicroPort Orthopedics Attends the Ninth COA Congress

Beijing, China – 26 November, 2014 - Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co ("MicroPort Orthopedics Shanghai"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort"), attended the Ninth Chinese Orthopaedic Association ("COA") that was held in Beijing from November 20 to November 23, to further promote its orthopedic products to participants.
On the first day of the congress, Dr. Jimmy Chow, a hip and knee replacement surgeon at St. Luke's Medical Center located in Phoenix of the US, was invited to deliver a speech on SUPERPATH® tissue-sparing surgical techniques as well as its clinical outcome in the past six years.
Dr. Chow said, SUPERPATH® is a revolutionary surgical technique as it is designed to precisely reconstruct the hip without cutting critical tendons and stretching or traumatizing muscles that are important to hip function. With SUPERPATH®, there is no surgical dislocation of the hip and the integrity of the capsule is completely preserved. Because of the elimination of damage to the important structures during reconstruction, patients typically have a short hospital stay.
According to Dr. Chow citing analysis results based on 1,021 surgical cases using SUPERPATH® dated from 2008, about 97 percent of the patients left the hospital the same day as their surgery and 60 percent of them managed to get back on their feet within four hours after the surgery.
On November 22, MicroPort Orthopedics Shanghai hosted a satellite meeting focused on the surgical techniques and clinical efficacy of SUPERPATH® Micro-posterior total hip replacement and ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee system, which attracted more than 500 orthopedic professionals.
"For patients, MicroPort Orthopedics' ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee feels better as it more closely imitates the natural knee. For surgeons, it is easier for a beginner of total knee replacement to implant," said Professor Tiebin Qu from Capital Medical University.
"MicroPort Orthopedics is committed to bringing a rapidly increasing product offering to patients and surgeons. We'll also continue to launch medical education events to further promote the academic levels of China's orthopedic industry," said Shengqiang Wang, General Manager of MicroPort Orthopedics Shanghai and Vice President of MicroPort's Orthopedic Business in China.