MicroPort® Orthopedics Hosts US-Chinese Surgeons Academic Exchange Program

Miami, US – MicroPort® Orthopedics recently hosted an academic exchange program for Chinese and US surgeons in Miami of US. During the one-week program, surgeons from Shanghai, Qingdao and Shenzhen closely worked with US experts and discussed together the cutting-edge technologies of joint replacement, centering around MicroPort® Orthopedics' medial pivot knee systems.
The first part of the program was held in Miami Anatomical Research Center. Dr. Burke of Broward Medical Center explained the design rationale, clinical outcome and clinical experience of the medial pivot knee. He pointed out: "The medial compartment is more stable than the lateral compartment in knee flexion, and the mobility provided by the lateral compartment makes the femoral rotation in knee flexion." Designed based on such theories, the medial pivot knee guarantees stability, safety and high flexion compared to the traditional design of knee prostheses. Afterwards, in the cadaver lab, surgeons got hands-on experience with the surgical instrument of EVOLUTION® Medial-Pivot Knee System ("EVOLUTION®") under the direction of Dr. Burke. With the combination of theory and practice, surgeons had better understanding in the medial pivot knee, and many of them spoke highly of the design of the knee system as well as the matching instrument.
The second and the third parts of the program were respectively held in Broward Medical Center and Crestwood Medical Center. In these two medical centers, nearly 800 joint replacement surgeries are performed annually. Surgical observations of total knee arthroplasty with medial pivot knee were specially arranged for Chinese surgeons. Dr. Janssen of Crestwood Medical Center and Dr. Burke perfectly utilized their surgical skills based on the design features of medial pivot knees, and had in-depth discussion with Chinese surgeons regarding incision approach, osteotomy, soft tissue balance, Intraoperative analgesia and perioperative management.
As the second-generation medial pivot knee system of MicroProt® Orthopedics, EVOLUTION® has gained high market recognition after being introduced to the China market. Up to date, over 550,000 medial pivot knees have been implanted globally. According to a study evaluating long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of the medial pivot knee system published in The Knee, the results demonstrate excellent clinical outcomes for both satisfaction (95%) and survivorship (98.8%) at 17 years with patients noting a great sense of stability and comfort during regular activities. MicroPort® Orthopedics will continue to promote such innovative device through trans-border academic activities, so as to drive the development of orthopedic business worldwide and offer better solutions for surgeons and patients.