MicroPort® Orthopedics Invited Professor Jimmy Chow Come to China to Carry Out SuperPath™ Academic Exchange Activities

From November 16 to November 19, invited by Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co ("MicroPort® Orthopedics"), Professor Jimmy Chow, Director of orthopedic department, the Phoenix City St. Luke's Medical Center, came to China to carry out academic exchange activities. He presented the operation guidance for SuperPath™ surgical technique (SuperPath™) in three hospitals, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, the Third Hospital of Shijiazhuang city and Chongqing Southwest Hospital.
As a vigorous promoter of SuperPath™, Professor Jimmy Chow has completed 1309 surgeries applying SuperPath™, and he also published three papers based on the clinical data of SuperPath™.
At the first stop of the event, the SuperPath™ surgical guidance in Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital was broadcasted live by "MicroPort® Online" to MicroPort® Group headquarters' "Zhile" lecture hall through the 4G wireless network. This is MicroPort® Orthopedics' first attempt to broadcast SuperPath™ operation live.
The live surgical image was very clear, enabling face to face talk with operation experts from remote. The broadcast was achieved using advanced 4G wireless equipment and technology, allowing live broadcasting from anywhere of the world, and this time is a great example.
After the surgery, Professor Zhenjun Yao from Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital said, "this kind of live broadcasting can allow more doctors to get the chance to observe surgeries. Especially for SuperPath™ technology, the broadcast also can enable more clear observation. It's a good way to promote the academic exchanges." Professor Feng Li, President of the Third Hospital of Shijiazhuang city and Professor Liu Yang from Chongqing Southwest Hospital said, "Shijiazhuang and Chongqing are still new to SuperPath™ technology, and the academic exchange activities give more cutting-edge information to the local experts." Through communicating with Professor Chow, local experts have better understanding of the problems that may be encountered in the operation and the surgery solutions, which bring a stronger confidence to them.
On November 16, Professor Chow also attended the Journal Club of Shanghai Joint Surgery Group to have academic exchanges regarding SuperPath™ surgical technique and clinical results. Professor Xianlong Zhang, the Chairman of the Chinese Medicine Hip Joint Working Committee, pointed out that the learning curve of SuperPath™ indicates a safer process compared with other minimally invasive surgery. It is the current trend of development. He encouraged more young physicians to try SuperPath™, and he also hoped that surgeons can applied fast track concept to clinical management, creating better conditions for patients' rapid rehabilitation.
Professor Chow said academic exchanges can help surgeons to understand the development trend of North America SuperPath™ and other minimally invasive surgical techniques. MicroPort® Orthopedics will continue to create professional education platform to meet the demand of physician, and to promote the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques and the concept of rapid rehabilitation.