MPO China Attends The 8th Annual Meeting of Chinese Knee Society (CKS 2020) and Holds “20 Years of Medial-pivot Knee System & 10th Anniversary of Evolution®” Satellite Symposium

Shenyang, China - The 8th Annual Meeting of Chinese Knee Society (CKS 2020), organized by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the Joint Surgery Group of the Chinese Society of Orthopedics, was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province on December 5, 2020. MPO China showcased its integrated solutions for knee and hip replacement at the conference, and organized a MicroPort® Joint Satellite Symposium titled “A year of Ruoguan for the Medial-pivot System, and a moment of Waifu for Evolution®”, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Medial-pivot System and the 10th anniversary of Evolution®.

The thematic satellite symposium was chaired by Prof. Haishan Wu, Vice President of Orthopedic Department of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. In traditional Chinese culture, ruoguan is a ritual that marks the start of adulthood at 20 years of age, while waifu means turning ten. The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of MicroPort® Orthopedics Medial-pivot Knee System and the 10th anniversary of the launch of Evolution®, the second generation of medial-pivot knee product.

At the symposium, Prof. Wu gave a detailed introduction to the total knee replacement system and reviewed the history of the medial-pivot knee concept and its successful application. By sharing a large amount of clinical literature and cases, he demonstrated the excellent performance of the medial-pivot knee prosthesis in terms of patient satisfaction, improved postoperative joint mobility, enhanced prosthesis retention, and improved wear resistance. According to Prof. Wu, the concept is more bionic and aligns better with knee motion mechanics as compared with conventional knee prosthesis designs. Several major import orthopedic companies have launched similar products in succession, whose design originated from MicroPort® Orthopedics.

First launched in the United States in 1998 and with over 20 years of successful clinical applications, the MicroPort® Orthopedics Medial-pivot Knee System has been implanted in more than 720,000 cases worldwide to date. Results of a 17-year clinical follow-up study showed excellent prosthesis retention (98.8%) and patient satisfaction (95%) [1]. With the high medial conformity ball-in-socket articulation design, the system is able to avoid “paradoxical motion” and rebuild knee stability while improving quadriceps efficiency. A greater range of motion in the lateral condylar allows the knee to move in an arcuate path in the anterior-posterior direction with the medial condylar as the axis. Moreover, the features help patients restore normal motion mechanics in their knees and maintain stability throughout the range of motion, making the postoperative motion mechanics and patients’ gait more natural and flexible, so that they no longer have the feeling of “treading on thin ice” while walking after surgery and almost “forget” that they have replaced the knee joint [2]. Since the system has no post-cam design, it eliminates the need for intercondylar osteotomy and allows the patient to preserve bone to a greater extent, while reducing the risk of wear and fracture of the spacer column.

Aspiration® and SoSuperior™, the first domestic medial-stabilized total knee replacement systems with proprietary intellectual property rights, were approved for marketing in 2019. This product combination also originates from the medial-pivot knee concept and offers a narrowed femoral prosthesis option specifically designed for the Asian population, further enhancing the prosthetic fit and diversifying MPO China’s product line, and also bringing a more comprehensive total knee replacement solution for patients with degenerative knee diseases and other conditions in China.

Through CKS 2020, MPO China further improved communication and exchange with clinicians and acquired a large amount of feedback based on clinical practice. By continuously listening to the clinical needs and suggestions of frontline doctors and combining its own competitive advantages, MPO China hopes to concentrate on the research, development and promotion of new orthopedic technologies, new concepts and new products, to benefit more patients in the future.


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