MicroPort® OrthoRecon Attends the 36th Annual Congress of HKOA

Hong Kong, China – From November 5 to November 6, Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® OrthoRecon") attended the 36th Annual Congress of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association ("HKOA 2016") held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, and hosted a satellite meeting. The annual congress of HKOA is an international meeting that attracts nearly 1,000 orthopedic surgeons from the US, the Europe, Southeast Asia, and China, to exchange ideas on hot issues in the orthopedic field.
On November 5, MicroPort® OrthoRecon hosted a satellite meeting. Professor You Wang of Shanghai Ninth Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and Professor Chun-hoi Yan of Queen Mary Hospital of Hong Kong University were invited as keynote speakers, and they shared their experience in using the medial pivot knee prosthesis to the attended surgeons with the focus of patient satisfaction.
In the satellite meeting, Professor You Wang explained the design concept of the medial pivot knee in terms of knee biomechanics. According to the findings of the orthopedic expert Professor Freeman, the knee flexion is more than the rollback of femoral condyle on the tibial plateau, and the movement range of the contact point of the tibiofemoral articular surface in the medial compartment is less than that in the lateral compartment. Therefore, the medial compartment is more stable than the lateral compartment in knee flexion, and the mobility of the lateral compartment makes the femoral rotation in knee flexion. As a new generation of the knee prostheses, the medial pivot knee is designed based on such theories. Professor Wang said, compared to the traditional design of knee prostheses, medial pivot knee guarantees stability, safety and high flexion, and prevents the avoidance gait of the quadriceps femoris muscle resulted from paradoxical motion commonly seen in traditional knee implants, so as to offer better post-operative experience to patients and increase patient satisfaction.
Afterwards, Professor Chun-hoi Yan shared the surgical technique of the medial pivot knee based on his experience and the surgery video. Queen Mary Hospital is the top general hospital in Hong Kong and its orthopedic department has great impact in Hong Kong as well as the whole Southeast Asia. Since February 2015, Professor Yan has performed 77 surgeries using Evolution™ Medial-Pivot Knee System ("Evolution™"). He pointed out, there is no notable difference in the surgical technique of medial pivot knee and traditional knee prostheses, and the primary principle of the surgical technique of the medical pivot knee is the stability in the medial compartment. Meanwhile, the soft tissue balance technique doesn't need to release too much of the medial collateral ligament because of the stability is provided by the medial compartment. In addition, the inter-condylar osteotomy of the medial pivot knee is less than that of other knee prostheses, which gives the medial pivot knee added advantages under modern studies that favor bond preservation. The design of the trochlear groove of the medial pivot knee is also very unique with its post-operative patella tracking in the fine tune, which provides guarantees of patients' post-operative life quality.
Evolution™ was built on over 16 years of excellent clinical history of the first-generation medial pivot knee of MicroPort® - Advance® Medial-Pivot Knee System, and it offers more prosthesis systems. With extensive product line, MicroPort® OrthoRecon successfully taps the high-end knee replacement market. Up to date, Evolution™ has been used in many countries and regions, and gained huge market impact and high recognition. With the aims to increase patient satisfaction, the medial pivot knee will serve more domestic and overseas patients. MicroPort® OrthoRecon will continue to work with surgeons to provide better orthopedic solutions to patients, in accordance with our branding ideology "The Patient Always Comes First."