MicroPort® OrthoRecon Attends the 5th Chinese Knee Society Conference

Xi'an, China – From June 16 to June 18, Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® OrthoRecon") attended the 5th Chinese Knee Society Conference held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province and hosted a satellite meeting. The conference was hosted by Chinese Medical Association and the Joint Surgery Branch of Chinese Orthopaedic Association. It aims to promote the academic communication in the field of joint surgery and enhance the cooperation between domestic experts and their international counterparts.
As a premier event in China's knee surgery field, the 5th Chinese Knee Society Conference invited a great many of industry experts to exchange ideas on hot topics related with the latest advancement and philosophies in the knee surgery field by case studies and operation demonstrations, in the hope of achieving expert consensus regarding the development of China's knee surgery field. During the conference, MicroPort® OrthoRecon hosted a satellite meeting focusing on "patient satisfaction," and invited Professor Haishan Wu of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital of the Second Military Medical University, who is also the Executive Chairman of this conference, to carry out academic discussions with experts in attendance regarding "the biomechanics of natural knee and the design rationale of medial pivot knee."
With the advancement of joint replacement technology, patients have higher expectation on the operative outcome - not just pain relief, but improved function and better life quality as well. However, it has been reported that approximately 20% of patients are not satisfied with the outcome of their total knee replacement as a result of residual pain and functional issues. "These problems are often attributed to implant design," commented Professor Wu. "Although traditional prosthesis is proven to have good clinical survivorship, we cannot deny that a certain percentage of patients are still suffering from unstable flexion and limited motion." Professor Wu then analyzed related clinical studies and shared his personal experience with the medial pivot knee. He pointed out:" The medial pivot knee gains higher patient satisfaction as it duplicates the movement of the contact point of the tibiofemoral articular surface in the medial compartment and in the lateral compartment."
Afterwards, Professor Wu introduced in-detail the design rationale of EVOLUTION® Medial-Pivot Knee System ("EVOLUTION®"). EVOLUTION® features ball-in-socket articulation which enhances stability and allows the prosthesis to move and feel more like a normal knee, to enhance stability and comfort for patients in their daily life.
As one of the well-known knee systems in the world, EVOLUTION® was introduced to the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong markets by MicroPort® OrthoRecon and has gained high market recognition. MicroPort® medial pivot knee was launched in 1998 with almost 20 years of clinical history in the overseas markets. According to a study evaluating long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of the medial pivot knee system published in The Knee, the results demonstrate excellent clinical outcomes for both satisfaction (95%) and survivorship (98.8%) at 17 years with patients noting a great sense of stability and comfort during regular activities. President of MicroPort® Orthopedics China Zixin Weng said:" It has become the main focus of the joint prosthesis field on how to improve function and drive patient satisfaction. With its excellent clinical performance, EVOLUTION® has won high recognition from experts in the joint surgery field. We will further promote the use of EVOLUTION® in China to drive China's joint surgery industry and benefit more patients."