MicroPort® OrthoRecon Attends the Sixth Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Anhui Joint Summit

Yangzhou, China – On April 15, Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® OrthoRecon") attended the Sixth Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Anhui Joint Summit held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. A great many of orthopedic surgeons were attracted to attend the summit as it provided an excellent academic exchange platform for experts in the orthopedic industry.
During the summit, Professor Kunzheng Wang, Chairman-elect of Chinese Orthopaedic Association and Director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, delivered a speech on "precise medicine and joint surgery." He said, precise treatment is rapidly developing in China and the precise treatment of joint surgery is reflected in the following five aspects: minimally invasive and precise joint surgical concept; minimally invasive joint replacement surgical technique; conversion from traditional surgery to minimally invasive surgery; precise joint design supported by large data; enhanced recovery after surgery and precise treatment strategy. In his presentation, Professor Wang highlighted MicroPort® OrthoRecon's SuperPath™ Micro-posterior Total Hip Arthroplasty ("SuperPath™"). Compared to traditional hip replacement technique, SuperPath™ causes incision as little as a 3-inch and ensures the maximum protection of soft tissue. Professor Wang said, SuperPath™ is designed to precisely reconstruct the hip without cutting external rotators, as it enters the joint capsule through the gap between the piriformis and gluteus minimus by a tissue-sparing procedure to completely preserve the anterior and posterior joint capsule. Because of the preservation of external rotators and joint capsule, SuperPath™ technique reduces blood loss and tissue damage, leading to fewer post-operative restrictions, faster return to function, and improved satisfaction for patients.
As the world's first total hip arthroplasty minimally invasive technique that facilitates a faster return to function for patients, SuperPath™ technique is a milestone in the development of hip replacement. It not only offers patients with small incision, but also provides added advantages like preservation of the external rotators, decreased operative time, decreased intra-operative blood loss, increased post-operative stability, as well as decreased post-operative recovery time and pain. After introduced to China in 2014, SuperPath™ technique has been used in around 200 hospitals in 25 provinces and cities of China. MicroPort® OrthoRecon will continue to promote such innovative technique to help more patients with hip diseases get an improved post-operative experience and life quality.