MicroPort® OrthoRecon Hosts Hip Replacement Live Surgery Symposium

Chengdu, China – On June 8, Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® OrthoRecon") hosted a Hip Replacement Live Surgery Symposium in West China Hospital of Sichuan University, aiming to provide a platform for orthopedic experts in Southwest China to exchange ideas on SuperPath™ Micro-posterior Total Hip Arthroplasty ("SuperPath™").
The symposium contained three parts – lectures, live surgery and operation practices. Firstly, Professor Bing Xia of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital delivered a speech on SuperPath™. Compared to traditional hip replacement technique, SuperPath™ causes incision as little as a 3-inch and ensures the maximum protection of soft tissue. Because of the preservation of external rotators and joint capsule, SuperPath™ technique reduces blood loss and tissue damage, leading to fewer post-operative restrictions, faster return to function, and improved satisfaction for patients. Professor Bing Xia said, "Minimally invasive surgery is becoming a major method to facilitate fast return to function, and SuperPath™ technique represents an important development trend of the minimally invasive surgery." Afterwards, Professor Bing Xia performed a live surgery using SuperPath™ technique, and Professor Fuxing Pei of West China Hospital of Sichuan University commented on the surgery and interacted with the attendees. The live surgery enabled the trainees to fully understand the key points and difficulties of SuperPath™ technique. After the live surgery, the trainees got hands-on experience with SuperPath™ technique to master the surgical steps and procedures and enhance their understandings in the advantages of SuperPath™. Professor Fuxing Pei spoke highly of this symposium, and noted:" Such kind of small-scale symposium will directly benefit surgeons and patients as it is closely related with clinical application and experience."
As the world's first total hip arthroplasty minimally invasive technique that facilitates a faster return to function for patients, SuperPath™ technique not only offers patients with small incision, but also preserves the soft tissue to the largest extent which leads to added advantages like preservation of the external rotators, decreased operative time, decreased intra-operative blood loss, increased post-operative stability, as well as decreased post-operative recovery time and pain. Patients can walk as early as four hours after surgery. After being introduced to China in 2014, SuperPath™ technique has been used in around 200 hospitals in 25 provinces and cities of China with the constant efforts of MicroPort® OrthoRecon to promote such technique through symposiums and other kinds of activities.