MicroPort® OrthoRecon Hosts SuperPath™ Training Course

Shanghai, China – On June 4, Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® OrthoRecon") hosted a training course "Fast to Full Function: SuperPath™ Train the Trainer Course" in Shanghai. Over 30 domestic experts of the orthopedic industry were invited to discuss the surgical experience and development trend of SuperPath™ Micro-posterior Total Hip Arthroplasty ("SuperPath™") with the creator of SuperPath™ Professor Jimmy Chow and his father Professor James Chow, former President of Arthroscopy Association of North America.
In the beginning of the course, Professor Jimmy Chow lectured on "the latest development of SuperPath™ technique" and "nine years' experience in using SuperPath™" based on the surgical video of SuperPath™. When introducing his follow-up study, he said: "All of the post-operational dislocation rate, deep vein thrombus ('DVT') rate and deep infection rate of patients undergoing SuperPath™ technique are less than 1%. SuperPath™ can be used not only in primary hip arthroplasty but also in the revision operations. All of my revision cases are started with SuperPath™, and less than 20% need transferring to traditional approach."
Afterwards, 10 Chinese orthopedic experts respectively shared their clinical experience in using SuperPath™ which stimulated hot discussions. Professor Jimmy Chow reviewed each case and said: "I surprisingly find that the understanding of Chinese surgeons in SuperPath™ technique has largely improved compared to three or four years ago, even better than some of their US peers, and the number of SuperPath™ cases in China also quickly increased." In addition, Professor Jimmy Chow pointed out, currently MicroPort® OrthoRecon offers two versions of femoral prosthesis - monoblock and modular stem - with the same design rationale, profile and instrument, which makes them the best prosthesis to work with SuperPath™ technique.
As the world's first total hip arthroplasty minimally invasive technique that facilitates a faster return to function for patients, SuperPath™ technique not only offers patients with small incision, but also provides added advantages like preservation of the external rotators, decreased operative time, decreased intra-operative blood loss, increased post-operative stability, as well as decreased post-operative recovery time and pain. After being introduced to China in 2014, SuperPath™ technique has been used in 25 provinces and cities of China with the constant efforts of MicroPort® OrthoRecon to help an increasingly more surgeons master the technique, allowing more patients to get a faster return to function and reduced complications. MicroPort® OrthoRecon will continue to promote such innovative technique through similar academic activities as this SuperPath™ training courses and other kinds of academic platforms for SuperPath™ learners and experts, and thereby to promote the development of domestic and international orthopedic business and improve the life quality of worldwide patients.