MicroPort® EP Participates in a Free Clinic in Jiangxi

Pingxiang, China – On the occasion of celebrating the 96th anniversary of Communist Party of China, a free clinic activity was held in Pingxiang of Jiangxi Province. Professor Dening Liao and Professor Yusheng Ren of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital and other experts from Shanghai top hospitals attended the event.
During this free clinic activity, Professor Dening Liao, with the assistance from Professor Genqing Zhou of Shanghai General Hospital, used Columbus™ 3D EP Navigation System ("Columbus™"),in-house developed by Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® EP"), to do cardiac electrophysiological examination and radiofrequency ablation for eight arrhythmia patients. Such kind of operation demonstration allowed physicians in attendance to learn high-end operative techniques. According to the attendees, the procedure demonstrations largely enhanced the understanding of local medical staff in treating arrhythmias and indicated the development trend for similar procedures. Currently, an increasingly more physicians are using 3D mapping systems in radiofrequency ablation. Columbus™ is the first domestically developed 3D EP navigation system that features real time electromagnetic device tracking with cardiac motion compensation. It offers vivid 3D simulation of the catheter deflectable segment and accurate geometric reconstruction of intra cardiac chambers. Compared with the traditional procedure under X-ray fluoroscopy, Columbus™ provides a comprehensive image solution that combines cardiac electrical mapping with anatomy structure for physicians to better treat patients with complex arrhythmias. Furthermore, the use of Columbus™ greatly reduces the exposure to X-ray for patients and physicians during the procedures.
In this free clinic activity, physicians provided high-quality medical service for local residents, which strongly enhanced the communications between medical staff of Shanghai and Jiangxi and promoted the development of Jiangxi healthcare industry. In the end, Professor Dening Liao encouraged more medical professionals to give back to their local communities with their expertise.