MicroPort Promotes Awareness of Heart Attack in Beijing Community

Beijing, China – 14 November, 2014 – In partnership with Beijing-based Chinese PLA General Hospital and Beijing Haidian District Government, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort") launched a community activities program to promote public knowledge and awareness of heart attack on November 13 in Beijing.
The community campaign aims to raise awareness about heart attack and educate the public about the importance to get quick treatment. Through the program, MicroPort hopes to work with hospitals to help lower the death rate of heart attack in local community.
Professor Yundai Chen and Qinhua Jin with Chinese PLA General Hospital were invited to engaged in a range of training and lectures to help the community learn about heart attack symptoms, first-aid treatments and how to get immediate treatment from green channels of hospitals' chest pain centers – several hospitals in China now have opened green channels to ensure patients with chest pain can get prompt treatment.
In China, an increasingly more people are suffering from heart attack, according to experts. It is estimated that there are about 500,000 new cases every year and in total more than 2 million patients suffer from heart attack in China. More alarmingly, about two thirds of patients suffering from acute heart attack died because they were not treated promptly. According to industry surveys, a patient could be left untreated for five to eight hours in some local hospitals.