MicroPort Promotes Firehawk in OCC

Shanghai, China – 6 June, 2014 – MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort") recently attended the 8th Oriental Congress Cardiology to further promote its revolutionary product Firehawk.
During the event held from 28 May to 31 May, MicroPort presented Firehawk's safety and efficiency through relaying operations conducted by Shanghai's Ruijin Hospital and Renji Hospital, in which a total of 18 Firehawk stents were successfully implanted.
Meanwhile, several renowned experts were invited to share MicroPort's latest research results in regard of Firehawk, the Target Eluting System, in the event. Bo Xu, Director of Intervention Catheter Department with Fuwai Hospital, delivered a speech on "Firehawk's latest clinical outcome and special features." He noted that the incident rate of thrombosis for Firehawk stent has so far remained zero according to three-year follow-up results of Target clinical trials.
"I'm so proud to see China has such a globalized company (like MicroPort) and we Chinese can design, produce and manufacture such a global leading product like Firehawk stent," said Professor Shubin Qiao of Fuwai Hospital. "I'm looking forward to seeing Firehawk promoted across China and the whole world."