MicroPort® D-Pulse Product Obtained CFDA Registration Certificate

Shanghai, China—On December 31, 2015, independently researched and developed by Shanghai MicroPort D-Pulse Medical Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® D-Pulse"), the peripheral vascular guidewire product obtained the official registration certificate issued by China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA"). The products become the first domestic guide wire product in peripheral vascular interventional treatment that was awarded the certificate in China, and became another domestic medical equipment that fills the gap in the field of accessories of stent surgery in China.
This product is used for the diagnosis for peripheral vascular interventional treatment or for guiding the insertion of catheter in the interventional therapy surgery. It operates with standard vascular sheath, vascular angiographic catheter and guidewire placement techniques under X ray, guiding catheter to reach the target position. Compared with the traditional PCI vascular surgery guidewire, MicroPort® D-Pulse peripheral vascular guidewire has a performance of stronger support. It can be used with thoracic aorta stent and abdominal aorta stent, assisting them to complete push / withdrawal process. The head end of MicroPort® peripheral vascular angiographic guidewire adopts a kind of soft material, which can help doctors in the surgeries, and can also ensure the safety of patients. This time, the product's successful winning of the CFDA certificate, increases the product line of MicroPort® D-Pulse, and expands the application field of surgery accessories products of MicroPort®.