MicroPort® Receives Interview from Pakistan Television Corporation

Shanghai, China – On August 19, Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®") received interview from Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd. ("PTV") as the representative of Chinese innovative companies in the documentary made by the PTV at the invitation of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China. In the interview, MicroPort® demonstrated its corporate image as a global player with diversified business and a group of down-to-earth, dedicated talents.
It was the first time that the PTV came to Shanghai for TV interview. The documentary featuring China-Pakistan friendship and China's rapid development aims to introduce the audience the social and economic achievement of Shanghai and the whole China to enhance the friendship and mutual understandings between Chinese and Pakistani people.
On the day of the interview, staff of MicroPort® Board Secretary Department and International Business Department received the PTV team, and showed the overall picture of MicroPort® in terms of its history, corporate culture, product features and future plan. Later on, the Asia-Pacific sales head of the International Business Department reviewed and forecasted MicroPort®'s business development in Pakistan. In the past decade, MicroPort® devoted itself to providing high-quality and innovative product to the Pakistan market with more than 10,000 patients benefited from its stents. In addition, MicroPort® takes the initiative to promote the communication and cooperation in medical education between Chinese and Pakistani surgeons, so as to advance the development of interventional treatment to benefit more patients. In the future, we hope to further strengthen the friendship between China and Pakistan with more academic cooperation. The PTV team spoke highly of MicroPort®'s innovative capacity and promised they will show in the documentary the excellence of Chinese companies.
The PTV is a mainstream media in Pakistan with its headquarters located in the capital city Islamabad, and is of strong influence in the country. The documentary shot in China is estimated to be broadcasted by the end of 2016 in prime time in the PTV. Pakistan is a valued strategic partner of "the Belt and Road" and MicroPort® will be committed to the vision of "Dedicated People Striving to Make a Patient Oriented Global Enterprise Capable of Leading Minimally Invasive and Other Emerging Medical Technologies," and continue to innovate and exploit international markets to benefit more overseas patients with its advanced technology.