MicroPort® RehabTech Launches New Integrated Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Solution

Beijing, China, 18 January 2022 — Suzhou MicroPort RehabTech (Group) Co. Ltd. (MicroPort® RehabTech), a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®), recently unveiled a series of new products under its integrated solution for musculoskeletal rehabilitation at a launch event, held in Beijing.

At the event, MicroPort® RehabTech introduced the TherMotion™ Cryo-Thermo Compression Device, the TherMotion™ Cryotherapy Compression Brace, the Deroyal Dynamic & Static Progressive Range of Motion Orthosesr and the ShockMaster. These products are designed to support sports injury rehabilitation, orthopedic post-operative rehabilitation, and functional recovery for chronic diseases, providing a full package of solutions spanning from acute rehabilitation to recovery.

The TherMotion™ Cryo-Thermo Compression Device, which was recently approved for marketing in October 2021, drew special attention at the event. Throughout the research and development process of this product, MicroPort® RehabTech utilized medicine-industry-research integration, and worked closely with specialists in orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation from renowned hospitals in China. As such, the resulting design concept is closely aligned with real clinical needs of users.

In the 2021–2022 Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League, MicroPort® RehabTech’s integrated solution for musculoskeletal rehabilitation was recognized by athletes as a key tool to help relieve sports injuries and maintain competitiveness. A player from the team, who has previously used this line of products, participated in the launch event as the ‘first brand experience ambassador’ by sharing her experience of using the integrated solution, while sports medicine experts present gave their interpretation and a supplementary explanation from a clinical medicine angle.

MicroPort® began developing its rehabilitation business in 2018 with the aim of saving lives and tackling diseases, while helping patients restore their body functions and return to normal life as soon as possible. In 2021, MicroPort® founded MicroPort® RehabTech by strategically reorganizing its rehabilitation business.

About MicroPort® RehabTech

MicroPort® RehabTech is a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK, MicroPort®). In the future, MicroPort® RehabTech will continue to strengthen medicine-industry-research integration in a bid to continuously promote product innovation and provide more high-quality total rehabilitation solutions for doctors, therapists, and patients, helping patients return to their everyday routines as soon as possible.