MicroPort® Releases Latest Clinical Study Results for Firehawk® at EuroPCR 2024

Paris, France, 27 June 2024 – MicroPort®, along with its various business units and associated companies, participated in this year’s EuroPCR, which was held in Paris, France. During the conference, MicroPort® showcased its integrated solutions in the coronary intervention field and innovative products in structural heart diseases, electrophysiology, and extracorporeal life support. Furthermore, MicroPort® shared its products' latest clinical study advancements with approximately 12,000 experts and scholars worldwide, attracting numerous attendees for discussions and interactions.

Dr Tom Johnson, from the Bristol Heart Institute in the UK, presented the 5-year results of the TARGET All Comers Bifurcation Sub-Group clinical study for the Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System (Firehawk®). After randomization, no significant differences compared to the controlled group were shown for the five-year TVF rate (19.4% vs 18.6%, P=0.82), the cardiac death rate (3.6% vs 4.2%, P=0.70), TV-MI rate (9.7% vs 9.3%, P=0.88), and ID-TVR rate (9.6% vs 9.1%, P=0.91). Analysis of the five-year TVF rate revealed significant findings at 30 days post-randomization: bifurcation group vs non-bifurcation group = 4.9% vs 2.0%, P=0.003; from 30 days to 5 years post-randomization, bifurcation group vs non-bifurcation group = 14.8% vs 16.8%, P=0.36. The results indicate that the Firehawk® achieves equivalent safety and efficacy in treating bifurcation lesions with a globally lowest drug dose, one-third that of similar products.

Prof Shanshan Zhou, Deputy Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at China’s 301 Hospital, discussed the clinical follow-up results of the Firehawk® TARGET 3C. The findings demonstrated that the OCT-guided implantation of the Firehawk® for treating moderate to severe calcified complex coronary lesions is safe and feasible, achieving non-inferior endpoints compared to the groups guided by IVUS and angiography over 13 months.

Furthermore, Prof Pradip Kumar Karmakar from the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Bangladesh shared the advantages of vascular interventional robots in PCI and their benefits to operators and patients. He highlighted that surgical robots and remote technology can shorten treatment times and make more rational use of local medical resources. Prof Pradip’s first use of the R-ONE® robot for a global first of a simultaneous remote PCI procedure on complex coronary lesions demonstrates that robotic remote procedure can perform complex coronary interventions.

At EuroPCR 2024, MicroPort® displayed several integrated solutions including Firehawk®, Firehawk Liberty™ Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent Systems, Firefighter™ PTCA, Firefighter™ NC PTCA, VitaFlow Liberty® Transcatheter Aortic Valve and Retrievable Delivery System, MOBYBOX® ECMO System, PathBuilder® Room Septum Puncture Needles, adjustable bend sheath sets, intracardiac guide sheaths and accessories, attracting numerous attendees for discussions and interactions.

Noting these successes, MicroPort® will continue integrating the technology and experience of leading experts from different countries to help hundreds of millions worldwide live better and longer lives.

About MicroPort®

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