MicroPort® EP's Remote ECG Technology Contributes to Building of Intelligent Shelter Hospital

Wuhan, China – On March 8, 2020, the officials from the National Health Commission of China visited and surveyed the building of Intelligent Shelter at the Wuchang Shelter Hospital run by the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University. The remote single-lead ECG monitoring technology, which is developed by Shanghai TeleCardio MedTech Co., Ltd. (“TeleCardio”), a subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort® EP”), was applied at the command center of the Intelligent Shelter of the Wuchang Shelter Hospital. The application obtained official endorsement.

Currently, lots of the hospitalized patients with COVID-19 has cardiovascular diseases, which usually causes reduction and disorder in immunity and higher proneness to infection with COVID-19 with even higher fatality rates. The patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases require particular precautions and earlier intervention. TeleCardio and Wuhan Highsee Technology Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the building of the Intelligent Shelter of the Wuchang Shelter Hospital earmarked for COVID-19 patients. The application of TeleCardio’s wearable remote single-lead ECG monitor, which is combined with the technologies of remote ECG, cloud server, and healthcare, realizes the real-time transmission of all ECG data to a Cloud Platform with RhythmWatch® ECG patch. As a result, the real-time ECG data of the patients hospitalized in the shelter can be sent to the command center of the Intelligent Shelter. The doctors can monitor COVID-19 patients’ cardiovascular conditions timely with a high-quality ECG. Therefore, the doctors could easily access to the patients’ ECG data remotely, reducing the risk of sudden deteriorations. The application would improve the efficiency of disease management.

The remote single-lead ECG monitor, which is composed of a mobile recorder, host software, mobile terminal software, and server front-end software is used to collect, record and send the single-lead analog precordial ECG data. The monitor adopts a patch design for constant patient wear and continuously collects ECG data and plays back ECG data. It could communicate with mobile phone apps to display real-time ECG data for doctors’ on demand review and assist with their diagnosis. Through the front-end software on the server, it can not only display real-time ECG data but also share the data.

Dr. Yiyong Sun, president of MicroPort® EP said, “With the participation in the equipping of the shelter hospital, we hope to provide strong support for the successful prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak and save more lives. MicroPort® EP will continue to combine the digital technologies including the internet and professional healthcare services, make full use of the ‘internet medical server and healthcare’ technologies, and widen the space of online healthcare services to reduce the patients’ risk of cross-infection from offline healthcare services. Meanwhile, MicroPort® EP will create more integrated therapeutic solutions in the field of electrophysiology to benefit patients.”