MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ Attended CMEF 2020

Shanghai, China, November 24, 2020 – Suzhou MicroPort RIC MedTech Ltd. (RIC MedTech™), a subsidiary of MicroPort®, recently attended the 83rd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), held from October 19-22 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, to showcase more than ten of its rehabilitation and patient care products. With the theme of “Innovative Technologies Lead the Future, the event attracted more than 4,000 exhibitors and 100,000 professionals in the industry from around the world, both virtually and in-person.

At CMEF, RIC MedTech™ displayed the full range of its musculoskeletal rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and rehabilitation care solutions. Among them, the cardiopulmonary exercise testing system and aerobic training system for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, which combines the function of monitored aerobic exercises with respiratory assessment and dynamic 12-lead ECG assessment to realize integration of assessment, training, monitoring, and data management. It is also equipped with different hardware and assessment options that can meet the needs of patients with different diseases and treatment cycles. This enables cardiopulmonary rehabilitation to be supported by safe, effective, and scientific solutions. At the exhibition, many medical professionals and visitors tried this system and were inquiring about product details and eagerly exploring partnership opportunities.

“Locally based and globally oriented, we aim for continuous innovation and comprehensive product development to address the needs across the whole rehabilitation cycle,” explained Mr. Roy Luo, General Manager of RIC MedTech™. “In the future, sticking to the brand concept of MicroPort® - that is, we are the brand for patients and doctors – we hope to promote the integration of healthcare, manufacturing and research efforts, continuously innovate our products, increase our reputation and influence in the field of rehabilitation, and bring more high-quality rehabilitation solutions to patients and doctors.”

Due to COVID-19, many professionals in the industry were unable to attend CMEF in person this year, so RIC MedTech™ organized a “Cloud Tour” of its booth and a two-day live broadcast during the exhibition on two themes, ‘sports rehabilitation solutions’ and ‘musculoskeletal rehabilitation and rehabilitation care solutions’, to introduce its products and answer related questions.

About RIC MedTech™

Founded in May 2018, RIC MedTech™ specializes in smart devices for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, rehabilitation care, and disability assistance. So far, it has set up marketing, R&D, and manufacturing centers in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City and Suzhou Industrial Park.