MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ Attends the 3rd Annual Academic Conference of CARM-CPTA and Holds Thematic Symposium

Xiamen, China, December 26 2020 — Suzhou MicroPort® RIC MedTech Ltd., a subsidiary of MicroPort®, participated in the 3rd Annual Academic Conference of the Chinese Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM) Conference. This being an excellent platform to showcase its intelligent balance training device from the musculoskeletal rehabilitation solutions portfolio. The conference, which was held on December 11–13 2020, also provided an opportunity for a rehabilitation physiotherapy symposium on the topic of ankle injuries to be held.

MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ invited more than ten rehabilitation medicine experts from the clinical frontline, including Prof. Yuling Wang, Chairman of the Conference, and Prof. Qi Qi, Chairman of the Symposium, to share their experience and discuss the physical assessment and treatment options for various common ankle disorders. More than 100 physical rehabilitation therapists attended and exchanged their insights at the symposium. Mr. Yi Luo, General Manager of RIC MedTech™, said, “MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ will continue to innovate based on clinical requirements, provide more high-profile academic communication platforms for rehabilitation doctors and therapists, and deliver top quality rehabilitation medical solutions to our patients.”

Unless treated promptly and thoroughly, the ankle is an area, which is particularly susceptible and prone to a high incidence of sports injuries. This can affect not only patients’ work and life, but also lead to disability in severe cases. During the breaks at the conference, attendees were given the opportunity to try out the intelligent balance training device by MicroPort® RIC MedTech™, and assess first hand, the built-in programmed therapies, custom training routines and interactive scenario training modules.

About MicroPort® RIC MedTech™

Founded in May 2018, MicroPort® RIC MedTech™ specializes in smart devices for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, rehabilitation care, and disability assistance. So far, it has set up marketing, R&D, and manufacturing centers in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City and Suzhou Industrial Park.