MicroPort®’s Four Sports Medicine Products Approved for Marketing

Shanghai, China, 19 December 2021 — MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®) has announced that four of its products under the Sports Medicine business unit have received medical device registration approvals from a number of drug administrations in China. These products — non-absorbable surgical suture series, arthroscopic cannulas, arthroscopic shoulder instruments and graft preparation system — are the first registration certificates in this listing since the founding of MicroPort® Sports Medicine and these approvals mark a significant milestone for the organization.

The non-absorbable surgical suture is an essential product for arthroscopic soft tissue repairs and the core component of various key surgical implants in sports medicine. It is available in many categories, including conventional sutures and sutures with needle. The range offers a number of specifications and colors suitable for various surgical scenarios.

As a basic consumable for arthroscopic procedures, the arthroscopic cannula is also available in a range of categories and specifications, including threaded and non-threaded types. The cannula features an anti-skidding and high transparency elements, along with strong sealing properties suitable for varying arthroscopic surgeries in a multitude of joints.

Essential for shoulder soft tissue repairs, the arthroscopic shoulder instrument series includes specialized instruments for rotator cuff repairs and universal instruments for arthroscopic procedures. The tendon preparation system is an important category of instruments for arthroscopic knee surgery and represents a significant marker of innovation in the category. The system is used for the preoperative preparation of autologous and allogeneic tendons in knee cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Notably, the non-absorbable surgical suture and the arthroscopic cannulas are successful cases of the Medical Device Registrant System in China. Thanks to its strong R&D foundation and excellent system management, MicroPort® Sports Medicine passed the joint inspection and pilot acceptance by authorities in Shanghai and Zhejiang during the development, manufacturing and registration processes of both products.

Dr. Liang Ge, General Manager of MicroPort® Sports Medicine, commented on this success, stating, “We will hold fast to the MicroPort® vision: to continue to develop innovative products and comply with high-quality global standards throughout the product lifecycle from design, manufacturing and sales, and to provide patients and physicians with comprehensive solutions for sports medicine.”

In addition, Ms. Glendy Wang, Chairman of MicroPort® Sports Medicine, stated, "MicroPort® Sports Medicine will continue to strive for excellence in global leadership in sports medicine through innovative development, whilst maintaining an active role in the global industry. We will continue to provide physicians and patients with innovative, quality and inclusive solutions, and to help patients regain health and return to optimum movement.”

About MicroPort Sports Medicine

MicroPort Scientific Corporation (Stock code: 00853.HK) first began to conceptualize its sports medicine operations in 2019, establishing Shanghai EndoPhix Medical Technology Company Limited with the aim of providing total medical solutions for sports medicine. Building on its core technologies in medical textiles, biodegradable material processing, and special injection molding, MicroPort Sports Medicine focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and services of medical equipment and devices, consumables and auxiliary supplies for surgical repairs, regenerative therapy and adjunctive treatment of soft tissue injuries in locomotor system.