MicroPort® Science and Technology Innovation Platform Won the State Science and Technology Progress Award

Beijing, China—On January 8, 2015 State Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. The project of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), "key technologies and industrialization platform of minimally invasive and implantable medical device", won the second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award.
The State Science and Technology Progress Award is one of the 5 awards of the Award Science and Technology Awards, which was established under the State Council. State Council added "Enterprise Technical Innovation Engineering Category" into the categories of the State science and Technology Progress Award in 2008. This category becomes a key indicator of identifying the enterprise's innovation potential. Director Haifeng Liu from Shanghai Awards Office said, "MicroPort®'s 'key technologies and industrialization platform of minimally invasive and implantable medical device' project is very special, it is not awarded as a technology breakthrough or a new product through research and development, but as an overall innovation mode for an enterprise."
MicroPort®, ever since its establishment in 1998, had gone through a very extraordinary innovation process, and finally explores out a set of enterprise operation mode and innovation system. The system has proved its feasibility and effectiveness through this time's second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Prize. It is suitable for the industry characteristics--high-grade, precision and advancement, also suitable for the national conditions—greater, faster, better, more economical and accurate. As the first interventional medical devices research and development enterprise, MicroPort® created and led the development of domestic interventional medical device industry. It led the promotion and popularization of interventional therapy in the country, also led the development of intelligent manufacturing, biological materials, 3D printing technology and other cross disciplines. MicroPort®, applying the advanced business philosophy, has been integrating up to one hundred high-tech achievements into one system, has become a unique kind of its own, and thus has become the innovation leader in the field of medical science and Technology. It holds hundreds of high-end medical products in ten years. President and CEO Dr. Zhaohua Chang said: "Through independent research and development and strategic acquisitions, MicroPort® has applied for 1710 patents around the world. Every 18 seconds or so, there is a product used to save life and improve the quality of life or to directly help creating lives. This unique innovation model of MicroPort® obtains the recognition from National Supreme Science Award Association, and such award is no doubt a kind of motivation to the company. I believe this model will strongly improve MicroPort®'s continuous innovation capability, and will have a profound impact on the development of our company. "