MicroPort Scientific Corporation Announce Leadership Changes in MicroPort Orthopedics Subsidiary and Membership Changes in CEC, IEC

MicroPort Scientific Corporation announce leadership changes in MicroPort Orthopedics subsidiary
China, Shanghai - MicroPort Scientific Corporation ("MPSC") is pleased to announce, after approval by the Board of Directors, effective September 8th, 2015 the appointment of Mr. Aurelio Sahagun as President of MicroPort Orthopedics. Mr. Ted Davis, will depart the role of Chief Executive Officer on the same date, and has committed to working closely with Aurelio to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. We truly appreciate Mr. Davis’ outstanding contributions to MicroPort Orthopedics, especially throughout the organization transition and we are most grateful for his efforts in building solid foundations for the future.
Mr. Sahagun most recently served as Chief Operations Officer ("COO") of MicroPort Orthopedics. He joined MicroPort Orthopedics in January 2014 as Vice President International, following the asset purchase of the OrthoRecon Business from Wright Medical Group, Inc. ("Wright Medical"), and was subsequently promoted to his current position. Mr. Sahagun has also been a member of MicroPort Scientific’s Intercontinental Executive Committee since its inception in early 2014.
During his service with Wright Medical, Mr. Sahagun was the Corporate Officer and the Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa ("EMEA") Commercial Operations since 2011, and had previously served as Vice President of Sales for the region since 2010. He joined Wright Medical in early 2006 as Director of Finance and Operations in France, and served as both Director of Finance of EMEA and Vice President of Finance of EMEA prior to the positions above. Before Wright Medical, Mr. Sahagun worked for Medtronic where he provided senior financial support to the company's Spine business across Europe.
Mr. Sahagun began his career in Spain, where he held several finance and business management positions in banking and distribution organizations with increased responsibilities covering Spain, Portugal and Latin-America.
Mr. Sahagun holds an MBA degree from HEC (Paris, France), a Bachelor's degree in Economics from UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain), and has followed additional Executive Education programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford, CA - USA) and Harvard Business School (Cambridge, MA - USA).
Please join us in congratulating Aurelio for his new appointment as the Board of Directors believe his leadership, vision and passion will help MPO to succeed in the going forward and can bring the organization to the next level.
MicroPort Scientific Corporation Announces membership changes in the Greater China Executive Committee(“CEC”)and Intercontinental Executive committee (“IEC”)
Effective September 8th, 2015, the following membership changes will occur for the Greater China Executive Committee and Intercontinental Executive Committee
Greater China Executive Committee:
- Bo Peng, will continue to be the Chairperson for the CEC
- Hongbin Sun, will continue to be the Co-Chairperson for the CEC
- Jason Zhang-recently joined MPSC will be the new member of the CEC.
CEC Members: Bo Peng, Hongbin Sun, Jason Zhang, Qiyi Luo, Karl Pan, Yimin Xu and Junder Chiang
Intercontinental Executive Committee:
- Jonathan Chen, currently Co-Chairperson of the IEC has been appointed as the Chairperson of the IEC
- Aurelio Sahagun, currently an IEC member has been appointed as the Co-Chairperson of the IEC.
- Jason Zhang – recently joined MPSC as COO and will be a new member of the IEC
- Todd Smith, currently Vice President of Finance for MicroPort Orthopedics, will be a new member of the IEC
IEC Members: Jonathan Chen, Aurelio Sahagun, Hongbin Sun, Jason Zhang, Qiyi Luo, Todd Smith, and Junder Chiang