MicroPort Sorin CRM Commemorates the Clinical Application of the First Batch of Domestically made Rega® Family Pacemakers

Shanghai, China – Recently, MicroPort Sorin CRM (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort Sorin CRM") , which is a subsidiary of MicroPort® Scientific Corporation ("MicroPort®"), successfully held a series of events in Shanghai to commemorate the clinical application of the first batch of the Rega® Family Pacemakers on the sidelines of the 12th edition of the Oriental Cardiology Conference (OCC 2018). Leaders from the Chinese Society of Arrhythmia and Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, as well as over 40 clinical experts from across China who had been involved in the implantations of the first batch of domestically made Rega® Family Pacemakers, were invited to have in-depth exchanges with the R&D teams of MicroPort Sorin CRM. Therefore, the close interactions between clinical practices and the innovation in R&D have paved way for the thriving of the domestically made pacemakers.
Professor Zhang Shu, President of Chinese Society of Arrhythmia, said, "With the 4-year-long efforts made by MicroPort Sorin CRM, Rega® Family Pacemakers have landed and take roots in China at last. With the support of MicroPort®, the product is bound to go abroad and showcase Chinese-made products in the area of pacing in the future." He added, "For the patients with bradycardia arrhythmia, the high quality of the domestically made Rega® Family Pacemakers can be completed trusted. The society and clinical experts should enhance their cooperation with the corporations in the industry to promote pacing therapy, research and develop pacing technology, keep on innovation and roll out the pacemakers to meet clinic needs. Both sides must make a joint effort to develop at a speed typical of China in the area of pacing."
Professor Huang Congxin, the past President of Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, said sincerely, "In the past, we used to have domestically made pacemakers, which had saved quite a number of patients. However, the path proved to be very difficult for the development of the domestically made pacemakers. Now, MicroPort Sorin CRM has officially launched its first-generation high-quality domestically made pacemakers and begun to put them into clinic against the backdrop of the Made-in-China products increasingly winning worldwide reputation. I hope that MicroPort Sorin CRM would keep the momentum, with the characteristics of clinical demands in China taken into account, to successfully research and develop the second generation and third generation of products and to make great efforts with regard to the top five development trends in the area of pacing such as small size, longevity, physiological, MRI compatible and wireless. The society is willing to make efforts together with MicroPort Sorin CRM for the development of China's medical device manufacturing.
Professor Huang Dejia, President of Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, commented, "We have witnessed the entire milestones of MicroPort Sorin CRM from the launch of the production lines, the reviews and registries of the pacemakers, to the clinical applications of the products in the end. We believed that MicroPort Sorin CRM will continuously roll out MRI-compatible pacemakers, CRT and ICD cardiac rhythm devices to serve the Chinese and even global patients, following the establishment of a global CRM business by MicroPort®. We hope to team up with all pacing and electrophysiology doctors and engineers from the relevant corporations to research and develop outstanding and innovative domestically made medical devices, with the Domestically Made Medical Devices Working Committee under the Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology providing a platform."
Professor Hua Wei, President-Elect of the Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, endorsed the achievement that MicroPort Sorin CRM's domestically made Rega® Family Pacemakers had pulled off. He pointed out that MicroPort Sorin CRM possessed complete R&D, manufacturing and clinical teams with rich respective experience. The exclusive advantages of MicroPort Sorin CRM include the strong support provided by the excellent MicroPort® and the introduction of the CRM business in its strategic development, which had provided reserves and guarantees of products and technologies for the sustainable development including the following introduction and R&D of CRT and ICD. Also, he hoped that MicroPort Sorin CRM would enhance its cooperation with the society and physicians to drive the pacing therapy to acquire popularity in China.
MicroPort® Chief Technology Officer Dr. Luo Qiyi, said that MicroPort®'s development work in the cardiac rhythm management area in the earlier years, along with the setup of the joint venture MicroPort Sorin CRM and the recent acquisition of the CRM business of LivaNova, has made MicroPort® the only domestic corporation that owns the whole CRM product lines and all the related core technologies. It is not only an overarching measure for the globalization strategy of MicroPort®, but also a solid guarantee for the products' domestic production and the replacement of foreign products in the cardiac rhythm management area. MicroPort® expected to deepen the cooperation with the society and clinical experts to develop high-end medical device products of China.
MicroPort Sorin CRM Chief Executive Officer Dr. Wang Li, thanked in his speech the leaders of the society for their caring, support and help provided since the establishment of MicroPort Sorin CRM. He also thanked the clinical experts who were involved in the first batch of the implantations of the domestically made Rega® Family Pacemakers, as they firmly trusted the company and the products when the products were marketed. "We will definitely continue to make efforts to continuously roll out new products and new technologies with high quality, and professional and timely after-sales services to live up to the trust."
Professor Su Yangang and Professor Wang Jingfeng, two Deputy Executive Members of Chinese Society of Arrhythmia, and Professor Chen Keping, Chairman of Women in EP under the Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, also attended the above events. On the afternoon, the experts visited MicroPort Sorin Rhythm's R&D center and production facilities in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, before taking part in an academic seminar with the corporation's R&D and manufacturing teams. They gained a detailed and in-depth knowledge of the corporation development, the quality of the Rega® Family Pacemakers, future R&D directions and the future arrangement for MicroPort Rhythm CDR's business.
Since the marketing of MicroPort Sorin CRM's Rega® Family Pacemakers at the end of March this year, the products have treated nearly 100 patients at dozens of hospitals in China and received unanimous praises for its small size, longevity and excellent performance and outstanding quality from the physicians. MicroPort Sorin CRM will learn from the advanced experience overseas to jointly develop high-quality and innovative cardiac rhythm medical devices with the caring and support of the society leaders and experts, on the basis of the characteristics of the Chinese clinical diseases. The corporation will continue to develop exponentially, making great efforts for the development of the Chinese medical device industry.