MicroPort® Subsidiary EndoPhix® Performs World’s First Permanently Implanted Balloon Rotator Cuff Functional Reconstruction Surgery

Shanghai, China, 03 June 2021 — The first implantation of the Archimedes® Balloon Rotator Cuff Reconstruction System (the Archimedes® device), developed by Shanghai EndoPhix Medical Technology Company Limited (EndoPhix®), a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®, 00853.HK), was successfully performed at the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University on May 26 2021. As the first balloon implantation procedure for rotator cuff tears in China, it marks the first time that domestic patients have benefited from the world’s most cutting-edge concept of balloon implantation related procedures and devices for rotator cuff repair.

The procedure was led by Prof. Jinzhong Zhao, a well-known sports medicine surgeon from the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, and co-designer of the Archimedes® device. It involved a 65-year-old female patient suffering from severe pain in her right shoulder for more than eight years due to massive rotator cuff tear, resulting in the progressive loss of daily activites. Owing to the end-stage of her conditions, the conventional repair was impractical. Instead, the team selected the Archimedes® balloon technology, which allows for rapid treatment through a minimally invasive incision compared to the conventional invasive and expensive alternative procedures for end-stage conditions. The following day, the patient reported significant release of shoulder pain and was able to attend postoperative rehabilitation.

Prof. Jinzhong Zhao, commented, “The Archimedes® device offers a new treatment option to patients with severe rotator cuff injuries. This treatment is minimally invasive with a short operating time and a simple learning curve, making it ideal for widespread adoption and implementation. Compared to traditional suture or anchor repair techniques, it provides immediate symptom relief as well as significant improvement in shoulder activity, greatly contributing to rapid postoperative pain-free rehabilitation and muscle strength recovery.”

There are two palliative surgeries for severe rotator cuff surgery (RCT) patients – tendon transposition and reverse shoulder replacement. However, not only are they highly invasive and difficult to operate, but they also impose a great financial burden on the patients. Data shows that there are currently more than 75 million patients suffering from RCT in China, of which 25 million suffer from massive RCT. As such, there is a significant market potential for innovative rotator cuff tears treatment options.

The concept of balloon rotator cuff functional reconstruction has been recognized as an innovative approach to rotator cuff repair by the global academic community in recent years, especially for massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears. It is performed by implanting a balloon into subacromial space reducing subacromial friction and impingement, restricting the superior translation of the humeral head, and assisting humeral gliding, thereby alleviating pain and restoring the biomechanical function of the shoulder. Having cured more than 60,000 patients in North America, the European Union, Israel, Latin America and other regions and countries worldwide, this treatment is minimally invasive and highly efficient with advantages in terms of early recovery and health economics.

Gude Wang, Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Sports Medicine Operation of MicroPort®, said, “The Archimedes® device is not only China’s first balloon treatment solution for rotator cuff injuries, but also the world’s first rotator cuff balloon system developed for truly permanent implantation. When developing this new technology, MicroPort® Sports Medicine and surgical experts have worked innovatively together to fill gaps in relevant fields at native and abroad by securing sufficient international patents, and at the same time provide a new, economical and efficient treatment solution.”

About Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons surrounding the glenohumeral joint, a vital motor structure that helps perform a range of important daily life activities and maintain the stability of the shoulder. Rotator cuff tear (RCT) is one of the most common sports injuries and a common degenerative disease of the shoulder in middle-aged and elderly people, manifesting as chronic shoulder pain and upper limb mobility disorders, among others. RCT could be observed at all ages, however the incidence increases significantly with ages. Trauma, sports, and joint degeneration are considered relating to the development of rotator cuff tears, which may deteriorate into massive RCT, or even into irreparable RCT, if not intervened in a timely manner.