MicroPort® Visits Baxiakeqi Village in Xinjiang for Charity Donation

Xinjiang, China – On December 15, the senior management team of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), including Chief Marketing Manager Bo Peng, MicroPort® First Vice President of Domestic Coronary Sales & Marketing Lei Jiang, Senior Director of Coronary Sales Liang Zhao, went to the Baxiakeqi Village of Hetian Region of Xinjiang Province for charity donation, hoping to give a little warmth to the local folks in in the chilly winter.
Baxiakeqi Village is a Uighur village located three kilometers north to Zhawa Town Government, Moyu County, Hetian District, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It has 453 families and a population of 2002, of which 950 people are impoverished. The village covers an area of 96.6 hectare (1449 mu), of which only 64 hectare is cultivated area, which means its per capita cultivated farmland is merely 0.03 hectare. In 2016, its per person average annual income is less than 7,000 yuan.
In March, MicroPort® learnt that the village is too poor to install street lamps and multimedia teaching facilities in its schools from Professor Yitong Ma, the government cadre in the village, who is also the Vice President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University. The company immediately decided to donate solar street lamp, computers, stenograph, and relevant consumables with a total value of 150,000 yuan to improve their living condition and the students' learning environment. Through computers and Internet, students in that remote village were for the first time allowed to have access to high-quality education resources. In April, all the streetlights had been installed, illuminating the way home for the village residents.
On December 15, MicroPort® senior management team visited Baxiakeqi Village and donated 50,000 yuan worth of flour to the residents to ensure that they will have enough food during the chilly winter. Afterwards, MicroPort® Chief Marketing Manager Bo Peng expressed concern and care to the villagers on behalf of MicroPort® management and employees. He said: "I believe Baxiakeqi Village will be a better place and people here will be living a better life with joint efforts of government and all sides of community. The folks in Baxiakeqi Village will always be our top concern!" In spite of language barrier, the villagers showed their gratitude from their warm applause and heartfelt smile.
Since establishment, MicroPort® is enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing of people and communities. In 2007 and 2012, MicroPort® established two MicroPort® Hope Schools in remote areas in Shandong Province and Guizhou Province and also arranged special trips for the Hope School students to visit metropolis. In addition, the company also donated medical devices to people in minority areas and hurt in earthquake. In the future, MicroPort® will continue that legacy of charity and generosity benefiting the society and communities with our business philosophy grounded in concepts of contributing towards social harmony.