MicroPort® Wins First Edition of "Shanghai Municipality Intellectual Property Innovation Award"

Shanghai, China - On October 21, 2019, MicroPort® won the first edition of Shanghai Municipality Intellectual Property Innovation Award (Application) (the "Award") for the outstanding achievements in application of intellectual properties. The Award was jointly issued by the Shanghai Municipality People’s Government and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

During its over 20 years of development, MicroPort® has set up a system for intellectual property management that suits the development of advanced science and technology. As of end of 2019, MicroPort® has owned over 4,000 patents (including patent applications) and over 1,800 trademarks (including trademark applications) in about 30 countries and regions, which provides an intellectual property reserve and strategic support for the company’s global reach. MicroPort® attaches great importance to the commercialized application of scientific and technological results and intellectual properties. With the unique model “Innovation Reactor”, MicroPort® has successfully developed and launched more than 300 products that have been marketed in over 80 countries and regions across the world with the general use of independent innovation and patent planning. MicroPort® has taken advantages of the partnership between doctors and engineers, patent alliance, science and technology capital, and its strong commercialization capability to build a healthcare-focused ecological intellectual property operational system. With technology assessment and in line with business strategy, MicroPort® conducts multi-tier intellectual property operations for various technologies, including trades in technologies, marketing of commercialized products, or incubation of start-ups on the basis of technologies. In addition, MicroPort® focuses on the general use of intellectual property to expedite the approvals for innovative products, boost customers’ trust and protect innovation results more effectively in the medical device registrant system.

Previously, MicroPort® had been awarded a series of National and Shanghai Municipality honors, such as National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, National First Batch of Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, China Famous Brand, Ten Top Brands of Chinese Enterprise Intellectual Property, Shanghai Municipality Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Municipality Famous Trademark, Shanghai Municipality Prize for Invention and Patents, which fully endorsed the long-lasting efforts made by MicroPort® in intellectual property work. In the future, MicroPort® will continue to use the group’s intellectual property application mechanism and system that targets globalization, further encourage the planning of innovative and high-value patents, and continuously accumulate the practice experience in the areas of intellectual property review, patent navigation, intellectual property exchange and operations, to explore pragmatic and feasible model and path for the innovation and intellectual property application by the Chinese high-tech enterprises and help drive the development of the medical device sector in China.