MicroPort® Wins the Title of Shanghai Municipality Model Unit for Six Consecutive Years

Shanghai, China – The 2019 Shanghai Municipality Spiritual Civilization Building Work Conference was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on April 10. The results of the 19th edition of Shanghai Municipality Model Unit Selection (2017-2018) were announced by Shanghai Municipality Spiritual Civilization Building Committee at the conference. Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort®”) continued to be awarded the honorary title of Shanghai Municipality Model Unit, making MicroPort® a holder of the title for six consecutive years.

The title of Shanghai Municipality Model Unit is conferred by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. It is the highest honorary title granted for the general outcomes of the building of “Four Civilizations” at the grassroots units in Shanghai. Since the company’s first drive to make itself a Model Unit in 2004, MicroPort® has set up a normalized building, incentive, and supervision mechanism and cultivated a good atmosphere featuring endeavors and collective participation on the basis of its characteristic cultural system. During the drive of the building of Model Unit, MicroPort® has applied its management credo of “Eyes for Greatness, Hands on Details” and combined the work of building a Model Unit and its cooperate culture to promote and drive the levels of corporate management and employees’ manners, which has injected a steady stream of vitality into the company’s rapid development. In 2018, MicroPort® was awarded the Shanghai Municipality Quality Gold Prize and became the only winner of the honor from the medical device sector since the establishment of the prize. MicroPort® also won the title of 218 Shanghai Municipality Quality Benchmark for the “Experience in the Practice of Implementing the Management Model for the Fusion of Technological Innovation and Commercialization”. In addition, MicroPort® was one of the first companies to pass the Shanghai Band certification and one of the 5th generation of Top 10 Templates for Headquarters Economy in Pudong.

The honor of being named as Shanghai Municipality Model Unit for six consecutive years represented a complete endorsement from the government and all walks of life of the strenuous efforts made by MicroPort® with respects to scientific management, original innovation, culture building, employee quality and social responsibility. In the future, MicroPort® will fully play the model and leading role of a Model Unit, against the backdrop of Shanghai’s campaign to build a scientific and technological innovation center, to make an all-out effort to create an environment for innovation in R&D. MicroPort® will also continuously make new contributions to further promote a high-quality development of Shanghai's healthcare industry.