MPO Signs Agreement with American Sports Celebrity Terry Bradshaw to Endorse Evolution™ Knee

Arlington, Tennessee – MicroPort Orthopedics Inc. ("MPO") recently signed an agreement with American sports celebrity Mr. Terry Bradshaw to engage him in MPO's Surgeon/Hospital Practice Marketing Program and Evolution™ Medial Pivot Knee ("Evolution™") National Branding/Practice Marketing Program, after the successful implantation of Evolution™ in Mr. Bradshaw. The engagement is expected to greatly increase the awareness of MPO's product and brand.
Mr. Bradshaw, 67 years old, is a four-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback who played in the National Football League for more than 13 years for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he maintains tremendous popularity today thanks to his Emmy award -winning time as broadcaster for FOX on "Fox NFL Sunday." He is also New York Times best-selling author and popular film and television actor.
John Matthews, MPO VP of Sales & Marketing, said: "Terry Bradshaw is an admired American sports legend with a universal appeal that extends beyond football. Partnering with Mr. Bradshaw provides MPO with an incredible opportunity to reach a broad audience."
Mr. Bradshaw recently had a Medial Pivot knee implanted by Dr. Lowry Barnes in Little Rock, Arkansas and is extremely pleased with his outcome and believes that his result and MPO's technology is "life changing." "Much to my surprise, I can hardly feel the prosthesis after surgery. It has excellent stability and moves and feels like a normal knee," said Mr. Bradshaw. "This technology is definitely life changing to me."
In the agreement, MPO is allowed to use Mr. Bradshaw's story and photo in MPO's educational events, educational materials, website, Facebook, YouTube and blog, as well as in surgeon/hospital advertising programs related to MPO's practice.
"MPO's cooperation with Mr. Bradshaw is a great opportunity to increase the awareness of our product and brand," said Mr. Aurelio Sahagun, MPO's president. "We believe our product is unique and certainly of considerable benefit over the competition, and Mr. Bradshaw's story will be another convincing message for interested patients, as they may want to use the Knee that Terry Bradshaw has implanted in him."