MPSC Launches Firehawk® in Press Conference and INDIA LIVE

New Delhi, India – From March 2 to March 4, MicroPort Scientific Corporation ("MPSC") attended the annual meeting INDIA LIVE held in New Delhi of India to display its innovative product Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent System ("Firehawk®") and broadcasted a Firehawk® live case. Before INDIA LIVE, MPSC held a press conference to announce the commencement of its Indian operations and the launch of Firehawk® in India.
During the press conference, Jonathan Chen, Executive Vice President of International Operations and Investor Relations, presented MPSC's globalization development and its vision in developing the India market by introducing its history, current situation, and future plan. Then, he and Riyaz Desai, Managing Director of MPSC India subsidiary, answered questions from the media. Riyaz Desai said:" MPSC has full confidence and determination in entering the India market. We believe the launch of Firehawk® and other innovative products will for sure benefit Indian patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases." After the press conference, most local mainstream media, such as Times of India, Business Standard and Express Pharma, published the news story "MicroPort commences local commercial operations in India with its flagship technology Firehawk®" which had a great impact on the local market.
During INDIA LIVE, MPSC broadcasted a live case of Firehawk®, which was watched by around 1,000 attendees. The case was performed in a local public hospital GB Pant. The 58-year-old male patient received stent implantation in a PCI case in October, but was feeling unwell recently and decided to accept treatment again. The angiographic and IVUS results showed it is a left main ("LM") lesion in which a stent of 3.5mm diameter and above can be implanted. Dr. Trehan decided to adopt Mini crush technique and implanted a 3.5*18 mm Firehawk® in the LM lesion. In the live case, Dr. Trehan also introduced the main features and clinical study outcomes of Firehawk®. He pointed out: "I personally favor DES with abluminal coating. I started to use Firehawk recently and discovered it has excellent performance in all aspects." The post-procedure angiographic result showed Firehawk® has outstanding radial force in complex cases such as LM lesions, which was well received by experts in attendance.
Recently, Indian government authority unveiled new price cap for cardiac interventional DES, which will exert great influence on India's interventional market and may even lead to industry reshuffle. "In the face of the new policy, it is quite challenging for Firehawk®'s market expansion in India in its very early stage. But as a country that has the third largest amount of PCI cases in the world, India is a market we will definitely pay special efforts to," said Dr. Linda Lin, First Vice President of MPSC International Business. "We will keep cultivating the India market to provide ideal solutions for local patients with coronary diseases."