MSC Receives "Best Investment Value Award" in 2016 "Startup Shanghai" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Shanghai, China – On September 24, MicroPort Sorin CRM (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MSC"), a joint venture of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®"), received the "Best Investment Value Award" and the "Winning Prize in Enterprise Group" in the 2016 "Startup Shanghai" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition which is also the Shanghai Division of Fifth China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.
The program, the 2016 "Startup Shanghai" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, was launched by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality to advance the development and innovation of scientific and technology small- and medium-sized enterprises by promoting and honoring brands and individuals that stand out with their innovation and entrepreneurship to inspire public enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.
Officially launched in April, there were more than 9,000 companies and teams signed up for the Shanghai Division Contest, and among them 276 winning enterprises and 11 winning teams were selected in four months. The "Best Investment Value Award," voted by over 600 institutional and individual investors from more than 9,000 programs in terms of their professionalism, standardization and commercialization, is of high authority and credibility and only two programs were granted the award. MSC's "Self- Developed Pacing Lead System" managed to stand out and was selected as one of the two winners with its self- developed technology, the huge potential of the pacemaker market and high expectations of the substitution of imported pacemakers by domestically innovated ones. MSC is also the only medical device company winning this award in the Shanghai Division Contest.
Meanwhile, MSC received the "Winning Prize in Enterprise Group" of this contest, and will participate in the final of the Fifth China Innovation & Entrepreneurship National Competition. Dr. Li Wang, Distinguished Expert of China's Thousand Talent Plan and Chief Executive Officer of MSC, attended the award ceremony held in Shanghai International Convention Center, and received interviews from several media outlets such as Oriental Financial Pudong Channel, East Radio Center and East China Science & Technology Journal.