Mustang™ Coronary Stent System Re-registered Successfully by SFDA

Shanghai, October 22th, 2012--MicroPort announced that the re-registration of Mustang™ Coronary Stent System has been approved by SFDA on September 13th2012.
Mustang™ Coronary Stent System is used with traditional PTCA (balloon angioplasty) to prevent stenosis and improve the function of coronary arteries. The design of large and small sine wave of Mustang™ provides better balanced strength and flexibility as well as conformability. Furthermore, the radial force has been further improved by the reinforceddesign of stiffing-ring structure.
Currently, there are over 80,000 units of Mustang™ Coronary Stent System havebeen soldsince the introduction of the product. Mustang™ has entered into many countries, such as China, Indonesia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ukraine, Columbia, Philippines and Vietnam.