Patent of MicroPort Won China Patent Honorable Mention

Nov 16, 2012, Shanghai -- The 14th China Patent Award announced that the drug eluting stent (DES) -- {Patent no: ZL200410053179.3} declared by MicroPort, won China Patent Honorable Mention. The award was nominated by the local IP Office, the related departments of the State Council, related national guilds, and members of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering. It was judged by the China patent award evaluation committee, and was verified and determined by both the SIPO and WIPO. The award aims to accelerate the development of innovation as a main economic driver for China. The awarding bodies objective being to fully implement China's national and international IP Rights strategy, strengthen Chinese enterprise for technology innovation, and generally promote the innovative high-tech economy.
The award is made in respect of MicroPort's patent for an innovative DES, which prevents the vascular intima becoming excessively thick after angioplasty. The patent is for the unique design of a polymer carrier material for the DES, which more effectively controls the release of rapamycin and its derivatives. The patent is used in Mircoport's second generation DES -- (Firebird2™). The coronary rapamycin elution cobalt-base alloy support system significantly improves products performance in comparison with our first generation DES product -- (Firebird™). At present, Firebird2™ has achieved the leading market position China, achieving a dominant market share and internationally has achieved outstanding sales performance in many market including; Thailand, Indonesia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the Philippines and so on. Over half a million units of MircroPort DES products have been sold globally to date.