Reindeer™ Metal Locking Plate System Approved by CFDA

Shanghai, China--1st March, 2014, the Reindeer™ Metal Locking Plates System ("Reindeer™") which is an in-house development by SuZhou Health Medical Appliance Co., Ltd., (subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co., Ltd.) has been approved for market launch by the China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA").
Locking Plate System is the latest trauma product for limb fracture fixation, and it has the largest market share among the trauma products. The main feature of the Locking Plate System is the combination hole consisting of a dynamic compression unit and a locking hole unit. The plates do not require pre-bending, resulting in less bone exposure during operation, reducing the damage to soft tissue and significantly reducing implantation failure rates. The surgical instruments required are consistent for different types of fixations and the choice of international fixation technique is based on the type of fracture, bone quality, existing technologies, and the condition of the surrounding soft tissues. To a large extent, this facilitates surgeons in their operations, improves surgical quality, and reduces recovery time.
Prior to the launching of Reindeer™, clinical studies were performed, consisting of multicenter, randomised, and parallel-group clinical trials. The results of the six month clinical follow-up showed that Reindeer™ achieved the standard of safety and effectiveness as that of the control product.
"Reindeer™ has achieved outstanding performance in design, use of raw materials, and mechanical properties compared with similar products in the market." Mr. Wang Shengqiang, Vice President of MicroPort Orthopedics, China and General Manager of Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co., Ltd., stated, "The launch of Reindeer™ is an important complement to our existing trauma product portfolio. Reindeer™ also meets the demands of surgeons and patients for higher quality orthopedics products.