Report From China Interventional Therapeutics Conference

The 12th China Interventional Therapeutics Conference (CIT) was hosted at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Centre of International Sourcing March 20th-23rd 2014. MicroPort was pleased to launch our third generation DES Firehawk® Rapamycin Target Eluting Coronary Stent at the event, which represents the largest coronary intervention conference in China.
On 21 March, there was a luncheon satellite symposium sponsored by MicroPort: "The era of Target Eluting Stent: update on Firehawk preclinical and clinical program". The meeting was chaired by Dr. Run-Lin Gao, Martin B Leon, Weifeng Shen, Alexandra Lansky and Shangyu Wen. There were several keynoted speeches presented by honoured opinion leaders and panel discussion with audience Q&A. The luncheon satellite symposium proved a popular event at the conference.
During the four-day conference, there were many live case transmissions, with feature lectures from varies key hospitals. In total 32 Firehawk® stents were implanted for 14 patients. During the procedures at Nanjing First Hospital, the operator adopted DK-Crush technique and implanted 2 Firehawk® stents. Firehawk® perfect trafficability, great support, and branch protection ability were recognized by the operation demonstrator and experts again.
There were several technical breakthroughs with the development of Firehawk®:
• It is the first novel abluminal groove stent in the world.
• It achieves the lowest standard of effective drug dosage in the world.
• Target study is the first pre-market study in accordance with issued by CFDA in China.
• It is the first stent to have the same efficacy and safety as Xience V, which is acknowledged as the most popular stent system worldwide.
• It is the first domestic coronary stent that would be possibly shorten DAPT.
In the evening of 21 March, the Firehawk® launch ceremony was held in Marriott Shanghai Changfeng Park. There were over 400 physicians and business partners from around the world in attendance. Chairman and CEO, Dr Zhaohua Chang, the Co-Principal Investigator of TARGET, Dr. Runlin Gao and Dr. Gregg W. Stone initiated the launch of Firehawk®. The evening was a great success and MicroPort would like to thank all those involved with Firehawk®.