REVEDA Establishes Joint Venture with Hybio Pharmaceutical on Drug-Device Combination Products

Shanghai, China, 25 January 2022 — Suzhou Reveda Medical Co., Ltd. (REVEDA), recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Hybio Pharmaceutical) to establish a joint venture for drug-device combination products and collaborate in the field of polypeptide micro-needles for transdermal delivery. The joint venture will be 60% owned by REVEDA Medical and 40% by Hybio Pharmaceutical.

According to the agreement, the joint venture will leverage the advantages and resources of both companies in terms of drug delivery technology, drug development, and pharmacological research to collaborate on the development, registration and manufacturing of peptide microneedle products for transdermal delivery. By utilizing the advantages of each company, the joint venture is expected to further enhance the microneedle drug delivery market and to continuously explore possibilities for innovation.

Ms. He Li, Chairman of the Board of Directors of REVEDA, commented, “It is our pleasure to enter into this strategic partnership with Hybio Pharmaceutical. We firmly believe that by combining the leading strengths and resources in our respective fields of research, we will be able to continue to innovate and advance in the field of peptide microneedles for transdermal drug delivery. By continuing to translate our advanced technologies into microneedle medical applications, we aim to provide customized and highly efficient solutions for patients in China and around the world.”

Micro-needling is a physical penetration enhancement method for transdermal drug delivery. Compared to other methods on the market, micro-needling is able to ‘reserve’ active ingredients such as large molecules in the micro-needle array, which ensures a stable and controllable dose of active ingredients. These microneedles can deliver drug molecules precisely to the subcutaneous and body tissues by penetrating the stratum corneum. This results in improved safety, painlessness, convenience, efficiency, dosing and sustained release.

Mr. Shaogui Zeng, Chairman of Hybio Pharmaceutical, stated, “Collaboration with REVEDA of MicroPort® is yet another important step in Hybio Pharmaceutical’s strategy of ‘combination of innovative and generic products’. Over the past two decades, Hybio Pharmaceutical has been committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of peptides. We will continue to work with our partners to develop and promote peptides in new dosage forms, for new indications, and in new fields of application. The partnership with REVEDA means synergy and innovation. It allows us to unleash the strengths of both companies and join forces to explore better drug delivery solutions for the benefit of patients.”

As an industry-leading molding technology developed in China, the Automatic Vacuum Micromolding System (AVMS) technology for microneedle molding is able to form uniform microneedles at a faster speed, with micro-precision molding in a negative pressure environment. This technology allows the microneedles to achieve better stability and uniformity, whilst enabling them to maintain drug activity better. These microneedle products have also seen significant improvement in multiple dimensions, such as the range of deliverable drugs. At present, REVEDA is actively developing high-end formulations for microneedle drug delivery, with the aim of improving clinical efficacy and patient experience.

About Hybio Pharmaceutical

Founded in 1998, Hybio Pharmaceutical is a high-tech company in China specializing in the research, development, and manufacture of peptide-based drugs. From its multiple R&D platforms at national, provincial and municipal levels, Hybio Pharmaceutical offers a full range of peptide-based products, including peptide APIs, customized peptides, cosmetic peptides, peptide formulations, solid formulations and peptide products for skincare. With its R&D advantages in the field of peptides, excellent product quality and investment in international standard production bases, Hybio Pharmaceutical has won widespread recognition in domestic and international markets.