2nd Shanghai Emerging MediTech Symposium Held in Shanghai

The 2nd Shanghai Emerging MediTech Symposium was held grandly in Shanghai from May 4th to 5th. It was co-sponsored by Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort") and Med-X research institute of SJTU and supported by Shanghai Biomedical Engineering Society.
Dr. Daozhi Liu, senior Vice President of Business Development of MicroPort and Dr. Weihai Yin, Vice President of Biomedical Engineering College of SJTU presided over the symposium. Industry leaders and academian from well-known universities were invited to the event. Participating members include Mr. Guang Ning, Vice President of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital; Mr. Yilin Cao, Vice President of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Mr. Wen Di, Vice President of Shanghai Jiren Hospital; Li Lingsong, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute Stem Cells Nanometer Medical Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Mr. Youhua Zhu, Director of Liberation Army Organ Transplantation Research Institute of Shanghai Chang Zheng Hospital and others. The discussed topics involve a variety of subjects including stem cell research, organ transplantation, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus, infertility and endocrinotherapy. More than 60 professionals coming from business, academic and medical industry attended the symposium.
The goal of the symposium is to establish an open channel of communication between academia and industry, and to encourage mutual sharing of ongoing research results, both successes and failures, so as to facilitate progress in the development of more effective medical products and treatments. The brain storm session brought together scientists and industry leaders from academia, biotechnology and venture capital industry to exchange ideas, disseminate information, and discuss challenges related to the China healthcare industries.