Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Attends World Arthroplasty Congress

Shanghai, China – 24 April, 2015 – Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co ("Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics") recently attended the First World Arthroplasty Congress that was held in Paris of France from April 16 to April 18.
During the congress, Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics displayed its full line of hip and knee products and presented the features, design concept and clinical advantages of ADVANCE® and Evolution® Medial-Pivot knee, and SuperPath® Micro-posterior Surgical Technique, with product models, surgery animations and brochures. Several surgeons visited Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics booth and inquired about the company and the joint products.
During the congress, more than 80 orthopedic experts from around the globe were invited to give lectures or organize panel discussions on up-to-date research and surgical techniques of joint arthroplasty. In addition, latest developments of medial-pivot knee system was presented and debated with a panel of world-renown experts through case discussions. Attendees learnt normal knee motion, clinical follow-up and surgical techniques of medial-pivot knee, which would enhance their understandings in the medial-pivot knee system.
In the three-day meeting, Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics introduced its brand and promoted its total knee system and SuperPath® surgical technique to global experts. Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics aims to offer innovative and high-quality products to patients and surgeons and will continue to develop technologies that facilitate fast recovery and subsequently patient preference.