Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Hosts First SuperPath™ Online Symposium

Shanghai, China – 9 May, 2015 – Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics Co ("Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedics") recently hosted its first online symposium of SuperPath™ Micro-posterior Total Hip Arthroplasty ("THA") Surgical Technique.
Four international and domestic experts were invited to share their surgical experience with SuperPath™, including Dr. Jimmy Chow of US-based St. Luke's Medical Center, Professor Yunsu Chen of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Baolin Li of Guangzhou Orthopedic Hospital, and Yanguo Qin of the Second Hospital of Jilin University. The symposium was live broadcasted on, an exchange platform for orthopedic surgeons, which attracted 1,554 surgeons to view online.
Dr. Jimmy Chow, who has performed over 1,000 THA surgeries using SuperPath™ Hip technique, answered frequently asked questions for beginners with SuperPath™. He noted, SuperPath™ surgical technique can be used on most patients who are suitable for traditional hip replacement, but patients with soft tissue contracture or rigidity should be carefully evaluated whether he is suitable to use SuperPath™ or not.
The other three experts provided practical tips for SuperPath™ THA. For instance, Professor Yunsu Chen presented some surgical skills to use PROFEMUR® Classic Z Hip Stem in SuperPath™ THA; Professor Baolin Li talked about how to use SuperPath™ to preserve bone fractures; and Professor Yanguo Qin explained why it is easy to convert a traditional posterior hip approach to a SuperPath™ hip procedure – it does not need any special equipment such as operation table and MicroPort Orthopedics provides a full set of surgical tools for SuperPath™ THA.
The SuperPath™ technique is a tissue-sparing procedure which aims to get patients back on their feet within days (possibly hours) instead of weeks or months. With SuperPath™, there is no surgical dislocation of the hip. Patients can also have as little as a 3-inch incision. Because of the elimination of damage to the important structures during reconstruction, patients typically have a short hospital stay and a number of patients walk the same day as their surgery. Such surgical technique is gaining higher market recognition world-wide with the growing demand of joint replacement surgeries.