Single Use Cardioplegia Delivery System Obtains CE Mark

Dongguan, China – The Single Use Cardioplegia Delivery System (Type A), in-house developed by Dongguan Kewei Medical Instrument Co ("Dongguan Kewei"),a subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co ("MicroPort®"), recently obtained the CE approval. It is the second product of Dongguan Kewei that gains the CE Mark after the Arterial Filter.
The Single Use Cardioplegia Delivery System is used in cardiopulmonary bypass procedures. It mixes the cardioplegia solution with blood that is oxygenated by Oxygenation System, warms up or cools down the mixture, and perfuses it into the heart via aortic root or coronary sinus to stop the heart beat and protect cardiac function, making it possible for surgeons to perform cardiac surgeries.
Dongguan Kewei's Single Use Cardioplegia Delivery System can be connected to variable-temperature tank to change temperature at any time, with high efficiency and small priming volume. Besides, its filter featuring small pore size is able to filter more micro-sphere particles to reduce the occurrence of postoperative complications. As the device is permitted to launch in the European market, MicroPort® will provide better solutions for overseas patients.