Surgeries Performed by MicroPort® EP Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System Exceed 20,000 Cases Globally

Suzhou, China, 26 May 2021 – Surgeries performed by the Columbus® 3D EP Navigation System (Columbus®), developed by MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd. (“MicroPort® EP”), have surpassed 20,000 cases globally. A Columbus® Voyage 20,000 celebration was recently held during the 13th VAS-CHINA to commemorate the achievement, and, in parallel, The Columbus® Elite Operators Club (Suzhou) held a themed event, during which seasoned experts in the field of electrophysiology witnessed this historical moment and shared their clinical experience using Columbus®.

Compared with traditional catheter ablation under X-ray fluoroscopy, the 3D EP navigation system can combine intracardiac electrograms with spatial structures to help operators better perform ablations of complex arrhythmias, while significantly reducing the X-ray exposure time of physicians and patients.

MicroPort® EP is the first company in China to develop a 3D EP navigation system, and its Columbus® is the first magnetic localization based 3D navigation system in China, as well as the first domestically made system of its kind to receive both the CE mark and NMPA approval.

Professor Zulu Wang noted, "As the first magnetic localization based 3D EP navigation system in China, Columbus® is the result of continuous improvement and innovation. It is comparable with international products of its type in performance, as well as in other aspects. We hope MicroPort® EP will keep it up by investing further in R&D and product optimization."

Columbus® uses magnetic localization to create a 3D heart chamber model that precisely integrates intracardiac electrograms with spatial structures. Together with complementary products, such as the FireMagic® Cool 3D irrigated ablation catheter, which can display the exact position of the tip and all the deflectable catheter segments in real time within the system, Columbus® provides a complete RF ablation solution to all types of arrhythmias. Since its arrival in the Dominican Republic in 2014, it has been introduced in more than 550 hospitals across China.

Prof. Hongwei Han of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital recalled the first time he used Columbus® to perform a PSVT surgery. According to him, "Columbus® demonstrates obvious advantages in PSVT surgery. Its navigation positioning function and potential information is very helpful for physicians. We are also looking forward to better clinical results with the domestically made force-sensing ablation catheters that are going to be launched to the market soon."

According to Zhiyong Chen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of MicroPort® EP, "The fact that more than 20,000 cases have been performed by Columbus® worldwide is a recognition of this product and a motivation for MicroPort® EP to make further progress. We will build on this to invest more heavily in R&D for product improvement and technology development, so that we can provide comprehensive and accessible solutions based on precision navigation in the field of interventional treatment."

About MicroPort® EP

Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®, stock code: 00853.HK), was established in the Shanghai International Medical Zone on August 31, 2010. Its concentration is on the development, manufacture, and marketing of minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of electrophysiological diseases, including cardiac ablation catheters, diagnostic catheters, 3D navigation systems, amongst others.