Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare Holds 1st New Rehabilitation Technique Symposium

Shanghai, China - On September 9, Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare, a subsidiary of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), held the first New Rehabilitation Technique Symposium. The symposium gathered more than 30 orthopedic or rehabilitation medicine professionals from across China, so as to lift the level of the domestic orthopedic and rehabilitation techniques and further drive the development of China's orthopedic and rehabilitation segments through the extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the world's most advanced techniques in the orthopedic and rehabilitation areas.
With the symposium focused on Exchanges of New Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Techniques, the healthcare professionals in attendance discussed, experienced and gave feedbacks on the orthopedic and rehabilitation products and techniques, such as the wearable rehabilitation assessment system, the smart shoulder rehabilitation system and static & dynamic progressive range of motion splinting. They gave lots of valuable suggestions from the perspectives of the clinical demand, efficacy, prospect of application, patient experience and cost.
With an aging population in China, the Chinese people are paying more attentions to disease prevention, improvement in individual function, good health and extension of life, resulting in a sustained rise in the demand for the rehabilitation care products and services. One of the invited experts was Professor Jianjun Li, who is director of China Rehabilitation Research Center, president of Beijing Boai Hospital and dean of School of Rehabilitation Medicine of Beijing Capital Medical University. Professor Li is also one of the experts who are in charge of the compilation of the application guidebook for the 2018 project of the key plan called "Technology Solutions for Active Health and Aging". The plan is one of the 12 national R&D plans called "Blue Granary Technological Innovation" overseen by the China Ministry of Science and Technology. Professor Li said in his speech that the new product R&D strategy and direction of Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare suited the requirements of the national policies and the citizens' demand for health, making a good start and platform for its development.
Professor Yun Cai from Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital of the School of Medicine, Shanghai JiaoTong University delivered a speech named Soft Tissue Viscoelastic Theory and Progressive ROM Splint—Dynamic Progressive Range of Motion Splinting, speaking of the rehabilitation technique roadmap on joint stiffness. Professor Cai said that the causes of joint stiffness might be from either insider or outside the joint. The static & dynamic progressive range of motion splinting has good clinical effects on joint stiffness while conforming to painless recovery theory, making it more likely for patients to accept the treatment solution. He added that Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare is currently in close R&D cooperation with the rehabilitation department of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, which is aimed at the development of smart splinting that concerns the physical and disease characteristics of Chinese patients and suits them better.
During the symposium, a few experts spoke about the important meaning of cooperation between the medical and engineering communities for the development of China's new rehabilitation techniques. Zhaozhao Dong, who is a doctor from the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, said that the orthopedic and rehabilitation segments had experienced a rapid development in China in the past decade. The splinting, for instance, has emerged under many brands in the market during the past three to five years, according to Dong. However, various kinds of issues surfaced in the clinical application of some of these products due to inadequate concerns on the demand of doctors and patients during R&D, he added. He believed that Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare's adherence to the consistent and rigorous cooperation between the medical and engineering communities, as well as the product commercialization experience of MicroPort®, which is combined with the company's emphasis on the demand, views and judgment from clinicians and rehabilitation therapists, would constitute the source of the product vitality in the future.
Suzhou MicroPort® Orthocare is rehabilitation and patient care focused subsidiary of MicroPort®. Following the management credo of "Eyes for Greatness, Hands on Details", the MicroPort® employees always hold the belief that they should serve the patients and the doctors who also serve the patients eventually. The MicroPort® employees will meet the unending demand for health and longevity in extending patient lives.