The Clinical Trial TARGET I Launched

14 August 2010, MicroPort announced the kick-off of TARGET I - the pre-approval multicenter clinical trial of MicroPort's new-generation drug-eluting stent system FIREHAWK, in the Continental Beijing Beichen Hotel. The event was witnessed by dozens of renowned experts in coronary intervention as well as MicroPort's top management including CMO Philip Li Wang and CTO Qiyi Luo. Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Mr. Yimin Xu chaired the meeting.
TARGET I - the prospective randomized controlled multicenter trial in which Mr. Runlin Gao, an academician of Cardiovascular Institute and Fuwai Hospital, Peking Union Medical College and Professor Martin B. Leon of Columbia University Medical Center served as principal investigator and co-principal investigator respectively, aimed at assessing the safety, effectiveness and performance of the stent delivery system and providing more valuable information and scientific basis for marketing approval.