The Clinical Trial TARGET II Launched

MicroPort Medical Corporation announced the launch of TARGET II FireHawk, in Beijing on August 12, 2011. Target II FireHawk, is the single-arm multicenter clinical study for MicroPort's FireHawk; the new generation of drug-eluting stent systems. The pre-market clinical trials of Firehawk can be classified into 3 stages including FIM, TARGET I, and TARGET II. It is planned to be conducted in more than 30 clinical centers around the country which would enroll 716 patients. Mr. Runlin Gao, an academic from Fuwai Hospital for Cardiovascular Disease and Mr. Bo Xu, Director of Fuwai Hospital for Cardiovascular, served as principal investigator and project secretory respectively. They gave a brief introduction on the three clinical stages and made a summary of TARGET I with Mr. Hualin Liu from China Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Currently, the 4-month OCT follow-up of FIM has been finished, according to which the success rate and endothelial cell coverage rate is 100% and 96.2% respectively, with a zero incidence of MACE. And the 13-month angiographic follow-up showed that the average in-stent late lumen loss was 0.16 mm. 510 implant cases of TARGET I have already been finished and the follow-up is on the way. We believe the clinical trial will play an important part in assessing the safety and effectiveness of the stents more precisely, and provide more valuable information and the scientific basis for long-term application.