The Company Hold its 55th MicroPort Biomedical Forum in Shanghai

Shanghai, January 25, 2013 -- Dr. Jianing Wei, Director of Clinical Engineering Department in Second Sight Medical Products Inc., presented in the 55th MicroPort Biomedical Forum. Dr. Wei has been engaged in the R&D of artificial cochlear for a long time.
The topic for the forum is "Make the Deaf Hear and the Blind See". Dr. Wei introduced the recent development history of artificial cochlear, analyzed causes of deafness and the wide applications of the technology. The artificial cochlear is a device that transmit electronic signal to the cochlea (stimulate auditory nerve directly) which as a result, rebuilds and restores the patient's hearing function. Currently, with significant technological breakthrough, artificial cochlear has entered into clinical application stage to be used widely as standard treatment for severe deafness or total deafness. In addition, Dr. Wei shared with the audiences about the latest development of artificial retina technology and its true potential of restoring blind patients' vision.

MicroPort Biomedical Forum is an academic forum held periodically, which is also the first academic forum sponsored by a company itself in the ZJ Hi-Tech Park. Its purpose is to create an academic platform which promotes and facilitates the exchanges among the biological, pharmaceutical and medical fields in the ZJ Hi-Tech Park.