The First Edition of MicroPort® Master Course Complex PCI Cross-Regional Program Ends Successfully

Tianjin, China- From February 20 to 23, 2019, the Master Course Complex PCI Cross-Regional Program ("the Master Course") - Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Session ("the Session"), which was hosted by Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort®"), took place in Tianjin and Yantai of China. The Session, which was the first edition of the Master Course, invited Prof. Tien-Ping Tsao, who is a renowned interventional cardiologist in Taiwan, China, to demonstrate live surgeries and give instructions. The Session is aimed at the enhancement of scientific exchanges between the cross-strait interventional cardiologists and improve the PCI treatment in Tianjin and Yantai.
Prof. Tien-Ping Tsao is currently head of the Cardiac Intensive Care Center of Cheng Hsin General Hospital in Taiwan and also sits on the Education Committee and Structural Heart Diseases Committee of Taiwan Society of Cardiovascular Interventions (TSCI). He is a very experienced cardiovascular interventionalist with deep insight into PCI treatment, especially excelling at the PCI treatment of coronary chronic total occlusion. In addition, he has taken part in several scientific exchanges both on the mainland and in Taiwan.
From February 20 to 21, the Session was unveiled at Tianjin Medical University General Hospital. Prof. Tien-Ping Tsao worked with the PCI team from the Cardiology Department of the hospital to demonstrate live surgeries for the PCI treatment of complex lesions such as chronic total occlusion (CTO) and left main bifurcation. From February 22 to 23, the Session moved to Yantai, where he demonstrated live surgeries and gave surgical instructions to the Cardiology Department of Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital and the PCI team from the Cardiology Department of Yantai Yantaishan Hospital respectively, and successfully completed the PCI treatment for coronary CTO and bifurcation lesions. During the surgeries, the local physicians and Prof. Tien-Ping Tsao had heated exchanges and discussions about surgical details. All the surgeries progresses smoothly, with the patients having good recoveries. As top-tier hospitals certified by China Chest Pain Center, all the cardiology departments of the above three hospitals involved in the Session have rich experience in PCI treatment. The successful interventional treatment of the high-risk and challenging CTO fully reflected the excellent surgical capability and leading skills of the cross-strait healthcare professionals in the field of complex lesion PCI treatment.
The Master Course is a new branded academic exchange that MicroPort® introduces in 2019. It is aimed to promote the scientific exchanges on PCI between different Chinese regions, cross-strait regions and the Asia-Pacific countries and regions with a series of Cross-Regional programs. Prof. Tien-Ping Tsao said: "The first edition of the Master Course has provided an excellent communication platform for the cross-strait PCI healthcare professionals, who learned a lot in scientific discussions and communications during the surgeries." MicroPort® First Vice President, Domestic Coronary Sales & Marketing, Lei Jiang commented, "We expect to create an expert lecturer team for PCI treatment, which is exclusive to MicroPort®, with a series of activities under the Master Course, so as to have the influence of MicroPort® in the Asia-Pacific PCI area grow further. Meanwhile, we hope to drive continuous innovation in product R&D and application with the inspirations generated during the exchanges among the healthcare professionals, to produce more innovative high-end medical device products and benefit the patients globally."