The 53rd MicroPort Biomedical Forum

Nov 14, 2012, Shanghai -- Dr. Terry Peters, from Imaging Research Laboratories of Robarts Research Institute, City of London, Ontario, Canada, was invited to the 53rd MicroPort Biomedical Forum. The topic of the presentation of Dr. Terry Peters is "A navigation platform for mitral valve repair inside the beating heart" and he introduced new procedures for minimally invasive surgery on the beating heart that negate the requirement for heart-lung bypass developed by Imaging Research Laboratories of Robarts Research Institute. These techniques provide the surgeon with intra-cardiac "vision" by combining a virtual reality view of the inside of the heart acquired from pre-operative CT or MR images, together with information available from intra-operative ultrasound.. The technology can avoid the patients suffering the radiation or using developer during the operation, thereby reducing the burden of the kidney.
The doctors are divided into two control group one group to use ultrasonic guidance (2D) and the other group to use enhancing ultrasonic guidance (3D) to repair bicuspid valve on pig by NeoChord DS1000. At the same time, they take notes on whether the operation time and the instrument path affect the aortic valves. The results show that the simplification and safety of operations with enhancing ultrasonic guidance improved apparently. At present, the technology is only used in animal experiment and is under progress of CE authentication. It is believed that the technology will be used in human in the near future.
Dr. Terry Peters is teaching in Medical Imaging and Medical Biophysics institute, Western University of Canada right now. He is also one of graduate student program of neurology and biomedical engineering.