The 2nd Oriental Congress of Cardiology Opens

Sponsored by Shanghai Medical Association, Cardiology Sub-association, supported by dozens of hospitals in Shanghai, the 2nd Oriental Congress of Cardiology (OCC 2008) convened in Shanghai Exhibition Center from May 29th to June 1st. The conference provided a platform of academic exchange and contending for clinic and research professionals in cardiology circle home and abroad.
MicroPort set up a large exhibition stand during the conference, and held noon satellite meeting on 12Am May 30th. Professor Ben He, Wenyi Guo, Zuyi Yuan, Yitong Ma hosted the meeting.

Dr. Qi Zhang from Ruijin Hospital Shanghai addressed on the topic of the Result of 3-Year-Following-up for Firebird Research in Ruijin and Fuwai Hospital. Director Bo Xu from Fuwai Hospital Beijing gave a presentation of the 2-year-following-up of FIM Research for Firebird2 (Cobalt chromium ally drug eluting stent). The meeting was in warm atmosphere, and experts from all walks of life appraised MicroPort and its products highly.
In the interval of the conference schedule, several participant experts including Professor Yitong Ma, Fang Chen, Yin Liu paid a visit to MicroPort, and got a close understanding of MicroPort's Products and Manufacturing Condition. The experts encouraged MicroPort to continue the strengthening of scientific research and industrialization, to produce more high-level and high-quality medical instruments, bringing benefits for more patients.